20 Benefits of Electric Fireplace

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What comes to mind when you think of a fireplace in your home? Probably feelings of calmness and relaxation.

As you gaze on to the possibility of having a fireplace. On a chilly winter evening, you and your loved ones sitting around a fireplace, all cozy and comfortable, playing a video game or having dinner. The image seems quite nice and desirable. You might even be thinking of having a fireplace at your home or re-igniting the one that already exists, but you know that running a traditional fireplace can not only cost you quite a fortune, it can also be hazardous in many other ways. However, there are other equally effective alternatives and we have brought you the one—an electric fireplace.

Here, we present to you a number of reasons for why you must give an electric fireplace a chance and there will be no turning back for you.

1. Electric Fireplaces Are Cheaper


Installing an electric fireplace can quench your pocket of thousands of dollars. It is an expensive and hectic procedure, but you can save yourself the trouble by having an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces can be installed at cheaper prices than traditional ones. It saves you the price of having firewood and chimney cleaning services.

2. Easy Installation


An electric fireplace is highly efficient and can be easily installed. There is no requirement of special ventilation for it. It can be connected to a general voltage outlet like that of 120V and may even have an additional option of 240V.

3. Portability

An electric fireplace is portable and can be easily moved. Portability really matters especially in today’s world where everything is easy to handle. It can be moved with easy disassembling and without any damage. This adds to its efficiency and easy maintenance.

4. Saves Energy


With winter season arrives a hefty heating bill but you can save the trouble through an electric fireplace. It doesn’t cost much running per hour so it saves you the money. You can also control heating only specific areas of your home hence saving the energy bills.

5. They are Easy Going

5. They Are Easy Going- Simple to operate

Electric fireplaces are not only easy to install but they are also easy to use. They require only an electric outlet to begin working. It saves you from all the mess requires to start and install a traditional fireplace.

6. Easy Maintenance

Easy and simple maintenance image

There is a lot of mess involved in cleaning up and running a gas fireplace. It costs you a lot and even if you do it yourself, it is an immense amount of hard work. An electric fireplace saves you the trouble of getting chimneys and all the firewood mess cleaned up.

7. Fume-Less Environment

7. Fumeless Environment - Clean Air

An electric fireplace creates an aura of warm, soothing environment and realistic fumes without a cloud of actual smoke. You can enjoy the feel of fumes and warmth but don’t have to worry about the destruction of air-quality. It gives you all the benefits without any harm done-just as you want it.

8. It Keeps the Environment Happy

Wood fireplaces produce toxic gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide as a side effect. These gases can kill and are harmful to our environment. However, you are safe from bad air quality with an electric fireplace in your home. It produces no harmful gases and is especially good if there are people with respiratory problems in the house.      

9. You Can Control the Heat

Control Heat Temperature

With an electric fireplace, you have control over how much heat you want in an area. You can change the thermostatic setting to control the amount of heat. This gives you a proper and desirable heating arrangement in your home.

10. Appropriate Heating

12. Chimney Free

An electric fireplace doesn’t require a chimney to operate. This ensures that no heat energy is lost. All the heat is spread adequately throughout your house.

11.Maximum Conversion of Electricity

About 98-99 percent of electric power is changed into heat energy. This ensures that you get a properly heated home at any moment you want. This also saves us the loss of energy and power.

12. You Don’t Need A Gas Line


An electric fireplace works on electric power and does not require a gas line or a chimney. This adds to its easy installation and portability, also saving a lot of money on the way.

13. It Has A Long Life


An electric fireplace is not susceptible to rusting and corrosion. Since it does not use wood and other forms of fuel, it does not have a combustion chamber. So it keeps looking brand new for as long as you can imagine

14. It Is Safe to Use

Hand Touching Fire

Electric fireplaces have this ability to remain cool to touch while producing heat. This makes them safe to be used around kids and even pets. It also does not overheat so you don’t have to worry about damaging appliances from overheating. Depending on the brand, some fireplaces may offer you various other safety features.

15. It Gives Warmth Without Distinction

It is not considered safe to use actual fires in small apartments and dorms. Some areas may have even banned the use of fire inside congested areas for safety reasons. With an electric fireplace people in small dorms can also enjoy the warmth without worrying about law and safety. It can be used by anyone and everyone.  

16. Variety Of Options

Types of Fireplaces

It is not one of those new gadgets without any flavor and form. Electric fireplaces give you a whole lot of options and designs to choose from. They are available in a variety of forms to suit your individual taste and need.

17. Elegant Designs

With a variety of options come a variety of elegant designs. Electric fireplaces come in different designs from traditional to modern. You can have an elegant design you want to go with your beautiful home. The designs are graceful and will surely give your home a more definite look.

18. Stylish Homes

Elegant Design

Some people have a knack for beautiful designs and architecture. Electric fireplaces have elegant designs to go with any house and give it a stylish look. Installing one can definitely make your home look rich and appealing.

19. Electric Fireplaces Are Customizable

Puraflame Alice flame effect animation

Electric fireplace has features like remote control, color themes, glowing flame, temperature settings, etc. This allows you to customize the fireplace the way you want with a heap of options. You can let it go with your décor or with your personal taste as well.

20. They Can Be Used Year-Round

All Year Round Image

Electric fireplaces give off light and heat separately so they can be used only for the flame effect without warmth. This means that electric fireplaces can be used year-round even in summers. They can be used only for the lighting effect and the effect of fumes.      


Everybody loves the calming feel of a fireplace. In chilly winters all can gather around telling stories, having good food, and taking in the warmth. It adds a traditional touch to our homes. However, you must make the decision of choosing the right fireplace for you very carefully. In today’s age, electric fireplaces are becoming extremely prevalent. If you want all the benefits of a traditional fireplace without the hard work, then an electric fireplace is your best buddy.

The electric fireplace may have some drawbacks as well, but the benefits far outweigh them. We are at a place in the current age where the environment is deteriorating. Fuel obtained from certain resources might become rare. We need to look out for our environment. Electric fireplaces are immensely environment friendly.

Electric fireplaces are human-friendly as well. They give you a safe and cozy place to relax in. They help you in saving two extremely precious resources—money and energy. These fireplaces provide a cozy home not only for you but for your guests as well. They make your home gorgeous and classy. They make your home customized for you.

We are moving forward with our technology and it is changing many things for the better. It has turned the way we experience things upside down. We are let into a whole new world we never would have imagined. Once go on to experience the flames of an electric fireplace, there would be no turning for you. Only by experience can you truly know what’s right for your home. So, go out with a smart mind and may you be fortunate in your search.  

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  1. Thanks for pointing out how an electric fireplace can help you warm your property during cold climates without dealing with any fumes! I’ve been looking around for homes in the countryside where I can fish and enjoy nature more. I’ll probably find a fireplace expert that can install this for me in the future!

  2. It’s great that you explained electric fireplaces and their installation process. Last week, my wife and I decided we’d like to get a fireplace for our patio’s renovation. We love the idea of spending an afternoon on our patio with a fireplace, so we’ll be sure to take a look at electric ones. Thanks for the insight on how electric fireplaces are installed in no time.

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