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Thank you so much for dropping by Ideas To Enhance Home (ITEH) to learn more about us.

We really appreciate that you are interested in this mouthful website and sincerely hope that you had enjoyed our content.

Below is an attempt to explain what we do:

In 2017, 5.2% of American, or 8 million people are working from home. These numbers are only going to go up considering we are moving into a digital workforce economy.

This means that you and I, and a majority of people still prefers to spend more time at home. Whether for your SO, kids, or elderly.

Then doesn’t it make sense to invest more time, energy and resources in creating a homey environment?

The truth is, with all the responsibilities & attention we need to shoulder, we simply don’t have enough time.

Finding inspirations, sift through the information available online, and make that final decision. That is an incredibly daunting process.

Here’s where we come in.

ITEH’s main focus is to help people like you, giving you ideas and help you make the decision by providing extremely in-depth, well-researched and actionable guide/tips.

But what exactly do you get here?

I for Information & inspiration: Information Articles & ideas pin

Learn general information and cool ideas about home products.  

T for Truncate: Unbiased product review

There are tons of products out there that companies are pushing to you through various ways such as social media, email.

Heck, one of our team member worked late night and said “I need my food, fast” and the next day his social media was filled with fast food chain ads like Domino & Pizza hut.

Coming back to ITEH, we do the hard work for you. Filter out and shorten to a number of top choices available. We review the best quality products at the best price so you can enjoy an upgraded home without burning a hole in your wallet.


E for execute: detailed "how-to" guide

How-to guide is content that teaches you how to troubleshoot or perform a specific task. We sought to create the most comprehensive guide in layman’s term to walk you through complicated processes

H for home: Make yourself at home!

We would like to build this website for you to feel like another home. From time to time, we share successful stories and interviews with home savvy enthusiast, funny happenings and recent news.

We are confident that you will find this site useful especially when you need to make an important buying decision or looking for in-depth information and actionable guides. Above all, we hope you make yourself at home with Ideas to Enhance Home.

How can we improve?

One of the greatest challenge for us is to provide you with the best online experience here at ITEH. To do that, your valuable opinion & constructive feedback are most welcomed. Feel free to suggest us cool ideas or topic that you want to share with the ITEH family as well!

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