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Thinking of a living room makeover or preparing to move-in to a new home?

Why not consider a new TV stand, or better yet, a TV stand with electric fireplace!

Welcome to the Ameriwood Lumina electric fireplace TV stand review.

This article is for people that are exploring the features and pros & cons of this newly released electric fireplace TV stand.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.


  • Elegant, modern contemporary design
  • Sturdy and durable materials
  • Customisable firebed


  • Surface tends to get scratches easily (sharpie is the solution!)

Key Features

Look and feel

The Lumina fireplace TV stand is available in 3 colors namely white, black oak and graphite.

It sports a modern and functional design that is best suited for a contemporary home.

At the same time, the flame effects from the electric fireplace brings a touch of nostalgia that reminds you of a real fireplace.

Don’t get us wrong, it doesn’t try to pretend to be a traditional wood fireplace.

In fact, it offers a modern style by offering the crystal-pebble fire bed instead of the common faux fire logs.

We have to say Ameriwood managed to pull it off pretty well.

On top of the fireplace, the shelves on both sides are also equipped with blue LED lights which can be turned on and off manually.

The blue lights compliment the dancing flames very well to change the ambiance of the room.

The combined effect helps create a focal point that surely attracts compliments from guest.

However, the one-button control turns on the shelves lights on both sides with the electric fireplace display.

If you want to enjoy the flame without the shelve lights, you will need to manually unplug the shelving lights.

At the surface level, the choices of colors offered are unique and fits the contemporary home very well.

No matter which color you choose, you will find the design to be clean and simple.

Perfect for minimalist home design.

Sturdy and high quality make

We generally look at quality in 2 parts, the quality of raw material and design.

This unit happen to excel in both.

The main material used for the outer frame and the base is metal.

It can handle weights up to 120lbs, or flat screen TV up to 70 inches.    

The body are mainly wooden boards made up with 3 layers of MDFs laminated together, which made it a very durable and long lasting piece of furniture.

As for the backboard they opt for laminated particle board.

On top of that, the parcel comes with 4 pieces of fiberglass that doesn’t shatter nor easily broken.

Basically, you insert the pieces into the opening to divide them into multiple compartments.

Play around with it and it should fit all your audio components and media consoles. For example, Hi-Fi, gaming system, receiver, and remotes.

What makes us think that this design is smart and extremely helpful is that you can adjust the height of the compartments by inserting the glass at different height.

By swapping the screw pins into a different pre-drilled hole at the sides of compartments.


Because most modern household would have a Smart TV where you directly consume content from the built-in browsers or Netflix.

At most, you might have a Chromecast or an Apple TV, which does not take up much space these days.

Furthermore, trend nowadays is that these media consoles will get smaller as technology advances

For most of us, a TV console would be a purchase that would last a few years before considering an upgrade.

So having flexibility in the sizes of compartments allows you to make use of the shelves as extra storage spaces or to place decorative items.

This unit definitely score high in its well thought out design and material quality, we rate it a strong 9/10.

Customizable fire bed with satisfying flame effects

The crystal pebble is shipped separately in a bag from the fireplace.

You can access the fire bed by unscrewing the 4 black screws on the corners behind the fireplace unit.

Unscrew them to remove the glass and arrange the crystal pebbles to your liking. Once you are done, put them together and secure it with the black screws.

The flame effect is nothing to shout about compared to the higher end electric fireplaces, but it does not look cheap and fake.

The orange-blue flame that dances in a natural way makes the fireplace display looks convincing from a distance.

The flame looks good when you are viewing it while laying back on the sofa.


You can adjust the flame in 4 levels of brightness by using the remote control. That way, you always adjust the brightness level to fit the ambiance you wish to create. 

The flame effects offer a fresh experience by using crystal pebbles instead of faux logs, which feels more like a gas fireplace.

Realism is slightly above average. What would have made this fireplace even better is perhaps ability to change the flame color effects or fire bed color, but that would be asking too much for the price. We rate it 7/10.

Heating capability

The space heater is located on the upper side of the electric fireplace unit. It uses a standard 1500W plug that offers heat up to 5000BTU or 400 square feet.

If you have a well insulated room, chances are that this heater can handle slightly bigger surface area.

Otherwise, it is best to treat the heater function as a supplemental heater or as part of a comprehensive zone heating programme.

Ameriwood Lumina sports a fan-forced heater where it heats up the surrounding air and release them through blowers, so at the top vent would be hot to touch.

The fireplace display will remain warm to touch so they are pets and kids safe.

The control of the heater is simple.

Simply set the temperature of the fireplace with the remote control from 62F to 82F and the unit will automatically regulate the room temperature.

Heating capability is standard, controls are OK. What is missing here is the safety features such as auto-shutoff or overheat safe plug.

Since this unit does not come with these features, it is best to follow the safety instruction as provided by Ameriwood.

Remember, only connect the power cord to a dedicated plug, no extension, no multi-plug. We rate it 6/10.

Ease of assembly

If you purchase the Ameriwood Lumina online (which I strongly recommend you to do so as retail price is cost about $100 more), the shipment will arrive flat and you will need to get handy in putting them together.

Nothing too hard, everything comes well packaged and provided with instruction manual. All you need to do is a Philip screwdriver, or a hand driller to piece them together.

The assembly process may take an approximate of 2 hours.

Also, the components can be quite heavy. You might want to get an extra pair of hands to help receive the parcel.

Be careful, the surface tend to get scratches easily and it can be obvious especially if you purchase the graphite color.

It will help if you have someone to hold it for you to carefully put them together, especially when you have to work with the glass pieces as well.

Life hack, if you accidentally scratch the surface, you can cover them up with a Sharpie of similar color.


On ease of assembly, the pre-drill holes are accurate and pieces are easily identified based on the instruction manual.

We rate it 7/10.

Wrap up

In conclusion, you would definitely love this unit if you are an Apple fan.

Because this is the kind of design that Apple would come up if it were to produce electric fireplace TV Stand, but luckily not the Apple kind of pricing.

Definitely a piece of furniture that will become a conversational piece at the coffee table with guest.

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