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When it comes to heat and electricity, safety becomes a primary concern. People often hesitate in buying products without inbuilt safety features. Lasko heaters guarantee this safety. Furthermore, these heaters are quite energy-efficient and high performing.

The Lasko company has a long history of over a hundred years, it has grown to an international leader in fans and heater manufacturing. Lasko brand is known to reflect the revolution in space heaters at its best. The Lasko company manufactures space heaters, ceramic heaters, fans, humidifiers and other related products. You can slash your bill if you use these heaters for supplemental zone-heating. When you don’t need the central heating to warm your entire home, you can use a Lasko compact heater for your room.

Gone are those days when people went through the hassles of warming up their home with noisy and energy-hungry heaters.  They also used to cause a significant elevation in the electricity bills, apart from being dangerous. As their bodies get hot, they were not safe at all for kids and pets.

When you look for a heater over the market, you will come across plenty of options. It’s not easy to choose one from such a vast collection of products. That is why we are here to help. This article is going to review some of the best heaters Lasko has to offer.

In the end, we will conclude which one is the best among them, or which one suits whom. We are positive that you will get a good idea about which one is the best for you. You will inevitably end this article by making the right decision for you and your family. Let’s move towards the reviews.

Top Lasko Heater Models

Here, i will introduce the top and most-reviewed heaters under the Lasko brand. The article will cover all the features, the pros and cons of these products.

1. Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Space Heater

Lasko 751320 image with features

This heater from Lasko is compact and small. You can easily carry it around for its lightweight body. It has an electric ceramic element which produces safe and comfortable heat for your room. The heating element sends penetrating and high-velocity hot air. You can use the remote control to operate the unit across the room efficiently. The built-in timer is also present has a range of 1 to 7 hours. You can set the timer around your daily schedule.

The heater has a small footprint, making it an ideal product for room with tight spaces. It is 23 inches tall, and it must be placed 3 feet away from the walls and other items. 

The oscillation is widespread, which causes and even heat circulation within your room. You can enjoy the toasty warmth of this heater in cold winters at a low cost.

The ceramic heating element is encased within the unit and behind the plastic grill. The grill gets warm after awhile but not enough to cause burn. 

On the first use, it may emit smells for around 24 hours, but after that, the smell goes away. Keep in mind that this heater does not come in tip-over protection, so its best to keep it at places with less movement from people. The body does not get hot and will not cause any skin burns.


  • Dimensions: 7.4 x 8.7 x 23.5 inches
  • Weight: 7.45 pounds
  • Ceramic Element
  • Fully assembled
  • Compact
  • Power: 1500W
  • Heating Area: 300 sq. ft.
  • Oscillation function
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Programmable Thermostat
  • Built-in 7-hour Timer
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Overheat Safety
  • Cool-to-touch body
  • Three quite settings
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Low running costs
  • LED indicators
  • T.L. listed
  • Warranty: 3 year


  • It does not produce any noises, hence ensuring that your sleep is not disturbed
  • The heater quickly heats the room It is light in weight and has a comfortable carry handle
  • Adjustable thermostat setting
  • You can view the status of the heater from the LED indicators present on the top-front of the unit. Buttons beep and are used to set temperature and time
  • The product is safe and has ETL listed


  • Heats up smaller area
  • When you turn it on, it starts from high heat mode. So, every time you re-plug the unit, you have to set the temperature again
  • No fan-only mode
  • The MAX temperature is not defined
  • There is a specific range of allowed temperatures, i.e., the thermostat is not programmable
  • The remote used Infrared technology so it will operate within line of sight only
  • No tip-over protection.

2. Lasko 754200 Ceramic Portable Space Heater

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater Features

It is a sturdy, compact and portable heater which is perfect for warming a small room efficiently. This small but powerful heater is an excellent choice if you are tight on budget. The Lasko 754200 Ceramic heater comes with a feature which was not present in the last model we discussed, that is, the fan-only setting. The heater has three quite settings: ON, OFF and Fan-only. You can enjoy the air-circulation in summers with the last option. Combined with an adjustable thermostat, these settings provide a comfortable and pleasant warmth experience. The thermostat has 11 different temperature levels to choose. A convenient grab slot is present on the unit, which helps it to move it from place to place. You can even keep your heater under your desk during work. The heater comes fully assembled, so you don’t have to worry about setting it after buying. Just take it out of the box, plug it in an outlet, and enjoy the heat.

It also works as a conventional heater. The ceramic heating elements are heated by electricity, and the fan pushes the air through these elements. The resultant hot air is blown out to heat your room.

The overheat built-in safety feature provides peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about the running heater anymore continually. The heater has a self-monitoring function, so whenever it gets overheated, it will shut down. Even if you leave your heater turned on all day, it won’t cause any problem. It is safe for your kids, as its body remains relaxed. It is advised to clean the heater every two weeks. Unplug the heater and clean it with a small brush attached to a vacuum cleaner. The body can be cleaned with a simple piece of cloth. This will prevent any dust or dirt accumulation.

Most of the small heaters can’t work on 1500W, but this one does so. You can’t expect more from a heater which is the size of a loaf of bread!


  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 6.7 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 4-lbs
  • Power: 1500W
  • Heating area: 300 Sq. ft
  • Fully Assembled
  • Ceramic
  • Portable
  • Compact
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Three quite settings
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Overheat protection
  • Cool-to-touch body
  • Fan
  • ETL listed
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • The compact and small size makes this heater ideal for smaller places
  • Unlike the previous model we reviewed. The fan-only feature can be used in the summers for air circulation
  • It offers three quiet settings, i.e., ON, OFF and the fan-only environment
  • Choose between eleven different temperature levels with adjustable thermostat
  • A carry handle allows you to move it from room to room conveniently
  • It is not very noisy
  • The thermal overload protector turns the heater off when it exceeds a specific heat limit
  • It is inexpensive and its buying cost is lower than all other Lasko heaters we are reviewing today


[su_list  icon=”icon: minus” icon_color=”#f26463″]
  • The thermostat is adjustable but not programmable
  • It does not oscillate to spread heat in all parts of your room
  • No timer

3. Lasko AW300 Air Logic Bladeless Heater

Lasko AW300 Air Logic Bladeless Heater Features

The sleek design of this heater blends well with your room décor. The Lasko AW300 logic bladeless heater utilizes the Heat Channels™ technology for uniform and long-range heat projection. The air is combined with the heat by the ceramic heaters and the fan. The hot air is then ejected outside and circulated throughout the room. The oscillation feature ensures the widespread heat supply. Patent-Pending blower technology is also applied in this model, which makes the heat blowing even faster and efficient.

The programmable heater has three heat options to choose. The unique digital touch controls make the unit easy to operate. Remote control adds further convenience. The rear pocket of the heater provides secure storage for the remote. You can use the 8hour timer to set the time you want the heater to switch on or off.

The heating element is concealed, and the body is not hot to touch. It makes the unit safe for kids and pets. Furthermore, a thermal overload protector and the tip-over security features make the heater entirely safe for use. All these features are impressive, but these features make this heater expensive. Out of all the heaters we are discussing here, this one has the highest cost. Still, this sturdy, elegant and high performer appliance is worth each penny.


  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 8.1 x 27.2 inches
  • Weight: 10.8 lbs
  • Fully assembled
  • Widespread oscillation
  • Automatic programmable thermostat
  • EZtouch™ digital controls
  • Remote control with 2AAA batteries
  • 8-hour timer
  • Exclusive Heat Channels™
  • safe touch surface
  • Overheat safety
  • Tip-over safety
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Patent pending blower technology
  • EZClick™ System with permanent filter
  • ETL listed
  • warranty: 3 years


  • The heater is equipped with Exclusive Heat Channels™ which mix air with heat which provides a quick, consistent and long-range heating.
  • It is suitable for supplemental heating.
  • Digital touch controls provide ease of use.
  • Patent-Pending blower technology is present which provides powerful ceramic heat.
  • If offers three quite settings: High heat, Low heat and , PLUS Auto setting.
  • It is not very noisy.
  • The automatic thermostat comes with remoter control. The batteries are available with the remote.
  • The remote control can be easily stored in the back pocket of the unit.
  • The heater is easy to clean, and the heat channels can be wiped with a cloth. The rear filter prevents debris from accumulating inside the unit.
  • The rear filter is permanent and comes with an EZClick™ System.
  • A thermal overload protector turns the heater off whenever someone knocks over it.


  • Not suitable for use in wet or damp environments.

4. Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater

Lasko 755320 Ceramic 1500W Tower Space Heater Features

It is a compact but powerful heater that features an elongated ceramic element with penetrating high-speed hot air. Oscillation is widespread, so it warms up your room in no time. Two quite settings are available, that is, high and low. Another Auto setting is also present, which can be set using the programmable thermostat. The adjustable thermostat offers a wide range of temperature levels. You can use the digital, easy-to-read display panel to set the ceramic element on a specific temperature.

It has a horizontal tower shape so it can fit in any tight and small place. 1500W heating element combined with an oscillator heats your room in no time.

A remote control allows you to control the heater, its oscillation, temperature and timer across the room. You don’t have to get up from your cosy bed in the lazy winter nights to control the heater. A handle ism presents so you can easily carry the unit form your bedroom to the kitchen and even to the basement.

The exterior is cool to touch, and the overheat protection adds more safety to the unit. The unit is already assembled so you just have to take it out of the box, and it will be running in minutes. Plugin the appliance, set the desired temperature and time, and enjoy the pleasant warmth.


  • Dimensions: 7.2 x 8.6 x 23 inches
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Power: 1500W
  • Portable
  • Compact
  • Fully Assembled
  • 6-ft. cord
  • Elongated ceramic element
  • push-button controls
  • Digital display
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • 2 Quiet and 1 Auto setting
  • built-in 8 hours timer
  • LED indicators
  • Wireless Remote control
  • Built-in carry handle
  • oscillation about 180 degrees
  • ETL listed


  • It has a programmable thermostat and offers three settings: High, Low and, Auto
  • The thermostat can be adjusted within the range of 39 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • A self-regulating ceramic element produces large volumes of heat
  • It is a tower heater, so its footprint is small. Hence, it is an ideal choice if you have little space.
  • It does not cause a fire because of the presence of the ceramic element, which does not use any hot coils or flame
  • It is quite affordable


  • No tip-over protection
  • The front part becomes hot
  • May produce plastic smell on first use, or when you are using the unit after a long time
  • The remote control lacks the feature of switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius display

5. Lasko 5309 Electronic Oscillating Tower Heater

Lasko 5309 comes in a versatile size which is fit for both the floor or a table. The product is available in two gorgeous silver and black colors. This 16-feet-tall unit is already assembled so you can make it work within minutes, after plugging it. It is an excellent option to go for, especially when you want to make electricity savings this year. The product is available in both white and grey finish, and the primary material is plastic.

The easy to use control panel allows you to set the desired temperature conveniently. A programmable thermostat is present, which is self-regulating and will enable you to set the temperature you need in your room. The temperature range is from 65 to 90-degree Fahrenheit.  A built-in timer can also be set to tell the heater when to turn on and when to shut off.

Overheat safety feature shuts the unit off when it gets too much heat. Also, the body never becomes hot. A handle is present to carry the appliance from room to room easily. It has a small footprint so you can use it in tight and short places. The fan comes with two different, i.e., high and low settings. This heater has a small size but large stature, and it comes fully assembled. Comfort Air Technology delivers warm and uniform heat.


  • Dimensions: 5.6 x 6 x 16.2 inches
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs
  • Power: 1500 Watts
  • Heating area: 300 sq. ft.
  • Air Flow: Convection
  • Comfort Air Technology
  • Button controls
  • Compact
  • Versatile size
  • Fully assembled
  • Self-regulating thermostat
  • Two quiet settings and Auto
  • Electronic touch controls
  • built-in handle
  • Widespread oscillation
  • Overheat protection
  • cool-to-touch housing
  • Easy-carry handle
  • Two settings for fan speed
  • Cord length: 72 inches
  • ETL listed
  • Energy Star Compliant
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • The product is energy efficient to you will find a significant decrease in your bills
  • The cord is 72 inches long which helps you to place it a bit away from the outlet if you want to


  • No remote control is present
  • To tip-over protection. So, if someone knocks over the unit, it may be dangerous

6. Lasko 5775 Ceramic Tower Heater

It comes in both silver and white colors and is very efficient but expensive to run. It comes with built-in safety features, i.e., the exterior is cool to touch, and the unit shuts off when it gets overheated. The oscillating fan spreads the hot air uniformly in the room. It does not make noise during oscillation.

The product is fully assembled so you just must take it out of the box and switch it on. Select the temperature of your choice and enjoy the cozy warmth it produces. It is compact and comes with a carry handle so you can move it quickly from place to place. It has two quiet settings along with the thermostat function. LED indicators are displayed on the panel so you can see the status of your working heater easily.

However, if you set the heater on the thermostat mode, it uses the highest power, that is, 1500W. It results in high power consumption. You can select temperature within the range of 65 to 85 degrees with 5-degree increments. The heating element is made of safe ceramic material, so there is no danger of fire hazards. 


  • Dimensions: 23.5 x 8.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Power: 1500W
  • Compact
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Two heat settings
  • Safe ceramic element
  • Fully assembled
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • LED indicators
  • 7-hour auto-off timer
  • Overheat protection
  • Widespread oscillation
  • Quiet fan
  • ETL Listed


  • You can buy the product in any of the two available colours, i.e., silver and black.
  • The fan is unobtrusive and quiet.
  • The oscillation feature is excellent, according to many customer reviews over Amazon.
  • The body is cool to touch, and the unit has built-in overheat safety. You can choose from the available range of temperatures from the electronic thermostat.
  • The heater has the lowest 900W power wattage and the highest 1500W.


  • When you put the heater on thermostat mode, it runs only on high power setting.
  • It is not very durable.
  • It does not have a clock timer.
  • No tip-over safety feature present.

7. Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater

If you are interested in buying a stylish heater, the Lasko Designer Series Ceramic heater is an ideal choice. It looks like some ancient classic vase, which blends very well with your room décor. The base is metallic and has a crackled finish. The buttons and control panel is present on the top so that the classic design is not affected at all. Remote control can also be used to operate it from afar.

The thermostat is adjustable; you can choose the temperature which suits your needs. An LED display helps in setting and viewing the status of your running heater. It comes with two quite setting and one Plus Auto setting, which is controlled by the thermostat.

The timer can be set to tell the heater when to shut off. The product comes with a full assembly, so it is best for immediate use. The oscillation is widespread, which ensures the heat circulation in your room is even.

This powerful heater runs on both low and high power. The highest power wattage used by this heater is 1500W. It has an automatic ceramic heating element, an adjustable thermostat and a 7-hour timer with automatic shut-down


  • Dimensions: 8.2 x 8.2 x 16.1 inches
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Power: 1500W
  • Fully Assembled
  • ceramic heating element
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • built-in 7 hours timer
  • Remote control
  • LED display
  • Two quite settings plus Auto
  • Widespread oscillation


  • It comes in a stunning design
  • The heater is extremely quiet
  • It comes with an adjustable thermostat with variable temperature levels
  • The display panel is easy to read, and controls are easy to use
  • You can use the wireless remote control to operate the unit without getting up from your bed
  • It is fully assembled and is excellent for immediate use


  • It does not provide any tip-over safety
  • It is nor ideal for large rooms

Wrap Up

If you are an admirer of elegant designs, then you should consider the Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater, which is also efficient but not suitable for large rooms. It is also tranquil, so it is best for use in your office and bedroom.

Your second choice can be Lasko AW300 Air Logic Bladeless Heater, it has a sleek and great outlook. Its advance Exclusive Heat Channels™ technology makes it stand out among others in terms of performance. However, it is not intended to be used in wet or damp places. So, if you are habitual of keeping a heater in your bathroom while having a bath, you must not go for this one. Plus, it is the most expensive among all the heaters we have reviewed here.

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Portable Space Heater is the cheapest among all the products reviewed in this article. But it does not have any built-in timer, and no oscillation function is available. It packs all other essential features. So, if you are tight on budget and price is your first consideration, we suggest you go for this heater model by Lasko. It also has a fan-only option which is unavailable in Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Space Heater.

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater packs all important features except for the tip-over safety, and it has a reasonable price

Generally, Lasko AW300 Air Logic Bladeless Heater is our first recommendation, and Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater is the second one we suggest.

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