Dimplex BLF50 50-inch Synergy Line wall mounted electric fireplace review

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Dimplex is a Canadian company that has been around since 1991. Focusing on electric heating product. Its generous investment in R&D and innovation over the years has lead the company to winning many accolades in the electric heating scene and filed many patents. 

One of its product in the wall mount electric fireplace line that employs the patented 3D flame effect is the Dimplex BLF50 50-inch Synergy Line Wall mounted electric fireplace. We will take a detailed look at the features and benefits that this electric fireplace has to offer. How it differentiates itself from its competition and if it’s worth the premium price tag.

Key features

Fireplace visual icon

3D Flame Effects

Most fireplaces in the market these days are capable to create very realistic flame, but few of them are capable to compete with Dimplex’s fireplace. The yellow flame on the display panel is Dimplex’s own patented 3D Flame Effects, which sets itself apart from the competitors is truly a joy to watch. The fire still looks real even you look at it from an angle from the side. Surely ,your guest may mistaken it for real fire.

To hold true to its simple and straight forward approach. You only have 1 yellow flame option, there’s no option to adjust the colour of the flame or brightness of the fire. There’s no worry about the visibility of the fire as test has been done. The flames are clearly visible in both high and low light environment..

Quality Icon


Dimplex adopts a minimalist design so as to not steal the thunder of its 3D flame effects. There’s literally nothing else aside from the air fan at the upper center of the fireplace and the main display panel.

The material it uses to build up the body of the fireplace also appears to be well made. No weird finishes or awkward design.

The only drawback we find is the display panel glass. Although it is a high quality glass, but it is those type that would shatter into pieces if an unfortunate accident befalls. If you have toddler or pets at home you would want to install the Dimplex BLF50 in places where they can’t reach. In-wall recessed installation or flush mount will also decrease the chance of accidentally knocking it over from the side

Installation feature Icon

Multiple installation options

This unit comes with all necessary parts to allow 2 types of installation. You can do a simple wall mount installation by hanging it up. Just like you would for a TV or you can flush mount it into a wall of dedicated frame. This gives you options depending if you want your installation to be more permanent. You can choose wall mount if you don’t have a dry wall or just want a simple installation process. Flush mount blends the electric fireplace into the wall, though it might requires more effort or cost to achieve this professional look.

Heat or Temperature capacity

Heating Feature

The BLF50 offers simple controls to heating. The ‘high’ settings are capable to heat up to 400 square feet or at 5000 BTU. While the ‘low’ setting offers half as much heat as the high setting, giving you more soothing warmth. If you have a relatively low ceiling, the high setting can heat as far as 500 square feet. So don’t worry if you have a slightly bigger room.

Ease of Control Featured Image

Remote control

The electric fireplace offers a simple, intuitive and powerful remote control. You don’t have to point at the electric fireplace unit to execute the buttons and it can sense from a range of up to 50 feet.  This is make it a good option if you plan to install the electric fireplace in public areas such as office lobby.

The remote control only has 2 buttons. The ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ button. On the first click of the ‘ON’ button it will turn the electric fireplace on without heat, press it a second time for low heat and third time for high heat. Press off at any point of them to switch both the display and heating function off

Dimplex electric fireplace


  • Heater able to cover slightly above 400 square feet
  • The patented 3D flame technology produces one of the most realistic flame effects in the industry
  • The material, finishes and quality are top notch and we expect it to last a long time


  • Glass panel are cool to touch
  • Glass may shatter if sustains large impact 
  • Price are expensive than other fireplaces


Overall, the Dimplex BLF50 electric fireplace is a solid option for homeowners that would like a replacement for their gas or wood fireplace. We think this is a very good option if you plan to install an electric fireplace in the office area or meeting rooms as they look good, have simple controls and a quality build. Though if you would like to have changes of colors to your electric fireplace, there are better options out there.

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