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Welcome to the Dimplex Celeste electric stove fireplace review. We are excited to write this review after testing out the luxurious unit.

This unit is a premium fireplace stove that are sure to please anyone that love extravagant vintage aesthetics.

This unit is an example of excellent workmanship meet thoughtful design.

Not only it is pleasing to the eyes in every aspect, the controls are simple and intuitive as well.

Our review for the Dimplex Celeste Electric fireplace will take a deeper look into the unique features, quality and performance.



You can sense the excellent craftsmanship from Dimplex, which almost feels like they are manually put together.

Dimplex took care of every detail like curves at the legs and the hand-finished logs. This is sure to elevate the ambiance and attract interest from visiting guest.

The whole unit looks like a cast iron, but the main materials used in the stove is a combination of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) wood and metal.

MDF is a type of solid wood that you may find in construction of pool or snooker table. So they are more than qualified to be used for a stationary product.

The use of MDF wood allows the unit to have vintage and chic designs such as the craved detail on the sides and curved feet.

The weight distribution is well done with the main weight focused at the bottom so it won’t easily fall over.

The whole unit is solid and heavy so its not quite portable, but on the bright side it also very durable.

As expected from Dimplex, the multi-award winning brand with a reputation that boast its brand name of premium quality.

Flame effect

We have a problem, the flame effect of the patented 3D flame on this Dimplex stove fireplace makes many other electric fireplace seems fake.

You can hardly find any flaws even if you carefully examine the hand-finished fire logs, Dimplex took care of almost every detail. The 3D flames looks stunningly real no matter which angle you look at it.

The embers also flickers in a realistic way from time to time as you stare at it. We had a hard time identifying the pattern of the fire as we stare at it for more than 5 minutes.

It was realistic, the only thing that is missing is the crackling sound to replicate the real stove fireplace experience.

From effects of the flame and embers to the randomness of the flame pattern, it scored almost perfect in these regard.


The heater of this unit is situated at the bottom and a fan blower to circulate the hot air.

It comes with a thermostat so you can adjust the temperature with a remote control, at the easy as pressing a button.

The Dimplex Celeste fireplace is a standard 1,500W convection heater that are capable of heating a room up to 400 square feet.

It definitely doesn’t heat up well for an open concept large living room, but it does its job well quietly for small to mid-sized area.

Like most fireplace in the market, you just have to plug it in a 120v electricity power socket and it is ready to rock.

The unit produces about 5,000 BTUs. Just in case the it overheats, the fireplace also comes with a built in overheat protection cut-off device to prevent this from happening. Giving you a peace of mind.

We are quite impressed with the additional purifier device as it surely adds value for customers. It has become a unique selling point for this electric fireplace stove.

Ease of control

If there are 2 extremes which are ‘freedom of choice’ and ‘simplicity’, Dimplex definitely choose the latter this time.

This unit is the Apple iPhone for electric stove fireplace.

It removes all the less frequent and unnecessary functions to streamline the setting process. Leaving you the most simplistic control and easy choices.

The electric fireplace only has a few settings available, they are:

  • The on/off switch: This is located at bottom of the fireplace near the heater
  • The flame effect switch: turn this on without the heater switch, the flame effect will last for 3 hours
  • The heater switch: turn this on and the flame effect and heater will be operate for 8 hours then shut down itself. While the heater is running, the air purifier will run as well
  • Thermostat dial: You adjust the desired room temperature and the heater will take care of the rest

As you may already noticed, this heater takes bold step by removing functions that many considered as the basic requirement.

For example, the adjustable auto-shut down timer function, heater blower level function and flame effect brightness settings.

There’s no messy controls adjustment, just switch on the fireplace and set your temperature. The unit will take care of everything else itself.

Most people will turn the fireplace off manually if they are not asleep anyway, unless they fall asleep. For most people, 8 hours is a good time.

If you have guest visiting and you would like to impress them, 3 hours is probably good enough.

All these settings are available at on the fireplace unit as well as a remote control.

We give kudos for this Dimplex unit as it really step into the customer’s shoes to think about the common behavior of a typical electric fireplace user, and simplify the process.

Special Features

Dimplex Celeste’s noise insulation game is strong, you hear almost no noise even when the heater is running. For people with more sensitive ear, may detect a soft hum.  

In addition to the heat, the heater also thoughtfully added a purifier system.

Cheekily termed as PuriFireTM . The MERV 10 rated filter purifier cleanse the air by removing the finer particles in the air such as dust, lead dust, mold spores, dust mites, and carpet fibres.

This is an awesome addition to the electric fireplace stove as it helps the whole family to be healthier. Definitely a good news for those that are allergic to certain airborne particles. All the maintenance work you have to do is just taking out the filter for a quick wash and you are good to go.

With the noise insulation and PuriFire, it makes a great addition to the bedroom. Keeping you toasty and healthy while pimping up the room ambiance. Alternatively, installation in the room is also a good choice, as it highly likely that it will attract compliments from guest.


Overall, we are really impressed with the performance of Dimplex Celeste electric stove fireplace.

Its definitely a fitting premium fireplace, a product that combines modern technology, timeless craftsmanship and customer centricity.

Of course, it comes at a premium price. But we think this unit brings a lot more value than it cost and definitely could last a long time considering the quality build.

Furthermore, the price tag is still very much of a bargain if you were to compare it with the cost and maintenance of a real pellet stove.

If you are in the market for the best free standing electric fireplace, this is one that you should not miss!

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