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DR-978 heater is a new model recently released as a successor of Dr Infrared’s bestselling infrared heater model: DR-968. Which was awarded the “Amazon Choice” title. Naturally, we think that the DR-978 is worth a special attention from us. 

Before we get into that, let’s have a quick refresh on how infrared electric fireplace is different from convection electric fireplace. 

Conventional heaters focus on warming the air, and when you walk barefooted on your tile floor, it would still be icy cold. After several hours, the air will warm the flooring, but the air in the room will become too thick and uncomfortable. In contrast, Infrared heater warms objects directly. This means that the floor, furniture and most importantly yourself will be the infrared’s target. The other 2 benefits are that you will feel the warm more instantly and it does not vaporize the air moisture. 

Now without further ado, lets dive into the actual review!

DR-978, the successor of DR-968

This heater comes with an advanced hybrid system that uses Quartz and PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) Infrared element to produce heat. This model comes with enhanced heat transfer and circulation rates. This heater has an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Canadian Underwriter’s Laboratories Inc. (cUL) certification, which ensures it to be of high safety standard.

Visual Appearance

Not everyone cares a lot about what a heater appears on the outside. But some people always consider the outlook of any product they need to keep at their home. The DR-978 is quite a stylish heater with excellent ergonomics.  It has a box-shaped design that not only looks excellent but also accommodates anywhere easily. A small stand is present at the bottom, which is quite sturdy.

The black color looks quite elegant, as well. A digital control and display panel is present below the heating outlet, which provides excellent readability and ease of use. You can either control the heater via the control panel or use remote control. It is smaller in size than many other 1500W heaters like infrared 968. This little heater keeps the room toasty warm without using much electricity. The compact black cabinet looks lovely. 

Overall, the new model has got quite a face-life. It looks less “boxy” at the top with the new curve design. The buttons is significantly smaller and the black color buttons blends well with the black panel. The new matte black design reminds you of a stove. It certainly looks more elegant than the DR-978 model.

Heating Performance

It uses a hybrid dual heating system by combining the PTC ( and infrared, which generate more heat in less time. The feature makes it far better in performance and efficiency than other PTC or infrared heaters. There are many positive reviews on amazon regarding this model. The customers and users of this product are quite satisfied with the output it gives. For such a small-sized heater, it’s quite impressive to heat a 1000 square foot room.

A large, high-velocity blower blows out more air while producing very little noise. So, heat circulation and distribution occur quite fast. No matter what temperature you have set on the control panel, the thermostat maintains it by turning the cycle on or off.

All these features and functions together make Dr. Infrared 978 a high performer. The unique heating system of this hybrid heater improves the heat production and distribution, which your room warm and toasty in chilly winters. Check out the following few comments about this product from different people on Amazon.

“Great, small, but gives off great heat.”

“It works great; I have my thermostat on my house set at 50, and this space heater running all day, it heats me nicely.”

“Love this heater, great value. So happy with the operation, I bought my Mom one too.”

Overall, heat output as advertised for both the 978 and 968 are largely the same: 1000 square feet. However, we do see reports that some people manages to keep themselves warm even at 1200-1300 square feet. Given that it is a new model, it is safe to assume that they have upgraded some parts in its manufacturing to achieve a better heating performance. 


The DR-978 is a small electric portable heater that comes in an elegant black color. The PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient ) and quartz infrared heating elements together make the heat production more efficient. 

Control Panel of DR 978The product is fully assembled, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of setting it up. You can either use the buttons on the control panel to control the heater or use a remote. A programmable thermostat is present, which can turn the heating cycle on and off according to the set temperature. You can also set the timer if you want your heater to turn off after a specific time. ECO mode sets the heater on an energy saver mode. You can set the low-temperature level of 1200W or a higher level of 1500W.

The DR-978 is equipped with a large blower that is capable to heat up the room in s short time. The blowing fan produces a shallow hum while its running. If you have the TV turned on it shouldn’t be noticeable. Besides, the heater comes with Tip-over protection function, which turns off your appliance automatically whenever someone accidentally trips it over. The overheat protection feature shuts down the heater if it ever overheats. With so many safety feature, it is not a surprise that the heater quailifies for UL and cUL certifications.. The heater is well made so their confident to provide a 3-year warranty for parts and components.

Detailed Feature List:

  • Dimensions: 9.0 In. X 10.0 In. X 12.0 In
  • Power and frequency: 120V 1500W, 12.5A, 60Hz
  • Portable
  • Color: Black
  • Assembly: Already assembled
  • Air Flow: Infrared
  • Design: Cabinet
  • Heating Element: Quartz
  • Controls: Control panel and remote control
  • ECO mode: Energy saving mode
  • Safety: Safe, no exposed heating elements
  • Blower: Large high-velocity blower
  • Noise level: Low
  • Programmable Thermostat
  • Remote control
  • Overheat protection
  • Tip-over protection
  • Timer
  • UL and cUL certified
  • Country of origin: China
  • Warranty: 3 years

How does it compare to its previous version?

The Dr. Infrared 968 heater model measures 13 x 11 x 16 and has 19 pounds weight, making it slightly bulkier. In contrast, the 978 model is much smaller in size, measuring 9.0 In. X 10.0 In. X 12.0. Making it easier to carry.

The 968 model has a higher price tag, considering its popularity. It costs than the new DR-978 model, that is why the latter one is a better option.

The visual appearance of Dr. Infrared 978 is far better than its previous version, the DR-968 model. The former comes with an advanced high-velocity blower and enhanced heat generation and circulation.

Whenever there comes anything that involves heat or electricity, safety becomes the primary concern. The DR-978 comes with enhanced inbuilt safety features, which make it very safe for the children and pets to be around.

These are the highlighting features that make this new version better than its predecessor in terms of both performance and productivity. However, in terms of heating options, there seems to be not much in differences. 

How does it compare to its previous version?

Considering that the DR-978 is cheaper and more stylish. Its a definite Yes! The smaller built also means it takes less space. The only downside is that it does not comes with a caster roller. Hence it is designed more towards stationary usage. However, given that the smaller size and lighter weight. It should be a breeze to lift it and carry them. 

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