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Duraflame is a US 50 year old company that stands the test of time. Originally, they produces fire logs, fire starters, lighter and matches until the last decade they started to venture into electric fireplaces. And boy they do really excel in them!

Today we are reviewing one of Duraflame’s bestselling products, the Duraflame infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove. Breaking apart its features and to understand why is the unit so popular, and some point of improvement for this free standing fireplace stove.

In-depth review


Who would know more about the look and feel of a genuine fireplace better than DuraFlame? With 50 years of experience in understanding of fire logs, DuraFlame have developed the patented 3D flame technology. It enabled their fireplace to imitate the real fire produces by original fireplace. The result is a real looking electric fireplace stove without the harmful chemical fumes, dangerously hot fire and messy maintenance work. The only thing that is missing here is the crackling sound of a real fireplace stove. Otherwise, it would be a solid 8 out of 10 in terms of realism.

Another visual benefit that you get out of this unit would be the 3 sided view. Since the flames are 3D, it would look real from different angles. The display can be enjoyed from the front and sides, where the front door can be opened to maximize the visual experience. Though the rear are not very presentable. It would look good if you let the unit lean against the wall.  

Ease of control

Let’s start with the features, this unit is equipped with the vital set of controls as expected from modern electric fireplace unit. 5 level brightness settings with 1 as lighted embers and 5 as fiery fires, auto shut-off mechanism which can be set at 30 minutes interval from 0.5 hours up to 9 hours. It also comes with thermostat which sets the unit to operate and maintain at your desired room temperature in a range of 62F – 82F.

All these can be set through the control on the DuraFlame fireplace, cleverly hidden in the unit behind the stove’s doors. But the control panel on the unit is not back-lit except for the thermometer. So it could be a little troublesome to carry your phone along with the torch light settings when you need to adjust some settings.

The remote control feature is quite limited. You only get to adjust the fire display settings and on/off, but not the temperature and timer. But realistically speaking, you probably won’t adjust the temperature much. Once you have set up your desired setting, the rest is probably turning the heater on/off. And maybe occasionally adjusting the flame display levels for visual pleasure.


Speaking of heat, this infrared unit offers 5,200 BTU while drawing power at 1500KwH. A fairly standard output at the market standard. Though the company claims that it would provide sufficient heat up to 1000 square feet with its infrared heating technology. According to our tests, if you are going the lower end up to about 74F it is sufficient for about 800 Square Feet, which is more than sufficient for most people. We think that the DuraFlame unit will deliver if you have a relatively new house with moderate ceiling height and insulation.

The infrared heater position right below the lip at the top, that specific spot gets quite hot during operation and the top gets warm but not too hot to touch. Animals love warm surfaces during cold days and there’s a good chance that the top of the electric fireplace might become your pet’s favorite hangout spot.

Lastly, what’s worth mentioning is the usage of infrared heater instead of the usual fan forced heater. Infrared is a safe way to deliver heat though light beams. Directly heating up any objects the light ray hits. This gives you a more gentle and warm heat. Infrared heating technology does not involve manipulating the air temperature which tends to dry them out. You get to maintain the natural humidity in the air, giving you an overall healthier heated room.

Overall, the heater function would provide adequate heat for most rooms. Overall, the heater is pretty solid. But it would have been better if the heating element delivers heat at the bottom. As heat travels upwards, heating from a lower level would help keeping the feet cold.


Material quality

This unit looks solid and is pleasing to the eyes. The body of the heater is well made with solid sheet metal. It adds a classy look to your home décor, creating a focal point. The tempered glass that are solid and not easily breakable. Weight distribution are well taught out as well as it has a heavier base and lighter top. It will not be easily toppled over even though the legs are made with plastic. Furthermore, it is not too heavy as well, it makes it easy to move this unit around to other room for supplementary heat just in case your main heater fails you.

Safety features

On top of all the standard safety features that most electric fireplace stove would sport. This unit also has Safer Plug, a fire prevention technology with its own built in thermometer. It will cut-off the electric supply automatically if the plug’s temperature rise above safe levels to prevent overheating and fire accidents. Giving you a peace of mind while operating the unit.


Overall, with its quality build and feature rich setup and at that beyond reasonable price. No wonder that it is one of the bestselling electric fireplace stove. This unit deliver most of the promises that the ads make and satisfy most of what we as a customer want. If you can overlook the not so well designed remote control and the fan heater noise (which is a bit louder than your usual space heater but nothing serious). Definitely a good choice if you are in the market for a freestanding, installation free and good looking electric fireplace.

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