e-Flame USA Regal portable electric fireplace stove review

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Welcome to our review for the Regal Portable electric fireplace review by eFlame USA.

Here’s a simple fact, just because a product is popular, doesn’t mean that it will suite you best. At ideastoenhancehome.com we are committed to help our readers to take a deep dive into quality products. Diving in the specific features and how it would benefit you. So you can take control of your choices by making an informed decision on the product you select.

This is a unique product that aims to serve a specific type of customers.

If you are a simple minimalist that is looking for a pretty looking portable electric fireplace stove at a bargain price, this is definitely worth your consideration.

Sounds like you? Read on…

Key features

Look & Feel

This fireplace has a traditional curved style design. Couple with a mesh door, which is something we do not see much in the electric fireplace stove market. It is sure to attract curiosities and compliments from guest.

The overall look brings great aesthetic pleasure as it would seamlessly fits by the wall which adds a touch of chic to the room’s ambiance. This is also one of the rare fireplace that we found that sports a mesh door, which mimics the traditional stove design.

Build QUality

One compliment that we would like to give eFlame USA is that they managed to combine 2 types of material, and made it look like one. They deliberately use different type of materials to achieve a good weight balance to ensure the unit is firmly grounded. But still keeping it portable by staying lightweight.

The top lid and the base is made of solid wood with smooth finish. They are slightly wider than the body which it makes a great handle for you to pick it up and move it around. The 22.5 x 12.5 cool to touch surface allows you to put light decor on top, such as photo frame or flower pots.

The main body are mainly made up of hard plastic which appears to be aluminum, this is where the fireplace display is located. Open the mesh door to gain access to the controls, the coiled handles of the door is pretty sturdy. But, the plastic wire mesh feels fragile so be sure to handle with care.

Lastly, the legs are made of hard plastic, which requires a little assembly to secure 2 screws on each leg, total of 8 screws which should not take more than 10 minutes. They are pretty solid but you should be careful not to drop the unit from a considerable height, as you may risk breaking the legs.

Overall, the build is good while still maintains the lightweight factor. Making it easy for your when you need to re-configure the home furniture. Though we would appreciate if the legs comes pre-assembled. 


The heater is like most fireplaces. Packing 1500W of power and produces output up to 5000 BTU. Since this is a forced fan heater, it can heat up the surface area up to 400 square feet. Some reported that the heater produces a low hum while operating. Not a big deal if you are placing it at the living room with TV on. But beware if you plan to place it in the bedroom as it might disrupt your sleep.

The actual heater of the fireplace stove is attached right at the lower side. Although most electric fireplace stoves has this design, generally people are divided in this type of design. 

On one hand, heat releases at the lowest point avoid cold spots as heat travels upwards, preventing the ‘cold feet’ situation. On the other hand, having the heater unit installed this way can be hard to wire the control panel upwards. That’s why, the control is near the bottom where you need to bend down when you wish to adjust the setting.

Our take?

Heater at the bottom is still the best and most logical position for a convection heater. Since it allows a more efficient heating. eFlame tried to smartly hides the control panel behind the mesh door. Not too low to reach, though you may need to bend slightly to reach the control.

Flame effect

We see why eFlame USA decided to go with the curved shaped design as it allows the fireplace log to look more 3D no matter which angle you are looking at the fireplace. 


Because curved shape creates an optical illusion for using variation of size and angles in the logs. So it is able to produce a realistic looking logs and flame effects without investing a lot in high tech display such as 3D flame as you can see with some Dimplex fireplaces. Though it still doesn’t look as good, but it came close. 

The result? 

A chic looking electric fireplace stove that satisfy the visual pleasure and adds a touch of classic stove ambiance to the room without the premium price. Though they may be easier to tell that it’s a fake fireplace when standing close, it is quite convincing if you view it from a reasonable distance.

Ease of control

Just in case you are wondering, this unit doesn’t come with a remote control. However, it has a pretty straight forward control settings which takes a while to adjust to your favorite one and after that, you will be set for the season and all the controls you will really use is the on/off button. The control panel consist of a few settings.

Flame effect knob: Adjust the light intensity of the flame to suit the surroundings depending of the room’s brightness to make sure they are visible and enjoyable

Heat levels knob: Unlike a thermometer where it will stop operating when it reaches certain temperature. It adjusts the heat output which it will produce soft and consistent heat output throughout the duration

On-off switch: A mechanical on-off button, which spark our ideas on a sweet suggestion later to make your life easier

The controls are simple and straight forward which removes a lot of adjustment features for you to mess around with. However, we miss some useful key features such as auto-stop timer, and a remote control.


This small portable electric fireplaces combines classic form, exceptional flame effects and good heat output. A combination generally found in more high-end, bigger units. It ticks many of the boxes for many people at a reasonable price. However it does have its own flaws in the control and safety department. Where we have a ready solution at a reasonable price so you can still enjoy a superior quality electric fireplace at the fraction of the price tag available in the market. If you think, portability, heat, great style and flame effects is important to you, then this a unit that worth considering

Recommended accesory

The amazon smart plug helps complete this unit in 2 ways. Firstly, since this unit uses a mechanical switch to turn the fireplace on/off. By using this smart plug you can take this task over with the Alexa app. You can even turn this electric fireplace stove on/off by using voice control if you own an Amazon Echo.

Secondly, this plug brings back the timer feature, where in our view is the most important feature in an electric fireplace to avoid unnecessary energy bill expenses and potential fire accidents. Simply control the duration of on/off over the Alexa app or tell Echo how long the unit should be left on. Then you can sit back and relax to enjoy the cozy ambiance and warmth from the fireplace.

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