Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand Review: Budget Friendly Choices!

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Cleaning ashes and chopping firewood is no joke, these tasks are boring to do & buying them can get expensive. Why not get yourself a suitable electric fireplace that will save you stress? These beautiful furniture will bring fireplace display with nice heating flexibility.

You get a stand to display your TV as well. The concept of electric fireplace TV stand, or entertainment centre, is about saving space, money, and effort. Electric fireplace TV Stand is an excellent choice especially if you want to make a statement for your home.

So, today we would talk about how to shop for a suitable electric fireplace and what are some of the best choices available.

I’ll include five picks from the recent market that does an excellent job to provide functionality with quality. My favorite pick is Ameriwood Chicago Fireplace TV Console and I’ll tell you why in the review sections. So, let’s start!

Top 5 Electric Fireplace TV Stand Reviews for 2020!

The journey to bring you these five choices today involved hours of research. These choices are based on cost-effectiveness, flexibility and premium-level quality. We did our best to give you some of the most practical choices available in today’s market.

Here’s a sneak-peak about these ten choices.

Things will be a bit tough if you have absolutely no idea about how to choose a suitable electric fireplace for your space. Don’t worry and simply go down where I have added some really basic features and ways to find out your true match.

Once you think you are ready, we can start exploring into each reviews starting from right below.

Ameriwood Chicago Fireplace TV Console – A Combo of Budget & Quality!

This is a two in one design electric fireplace that will give you both quality and value with some of the most flexible features. With pre-drilled holes, effective price and super spacious outlook anybody would fall in love with the unit.

Before heading to the actual review for this amazing fireplace stand combo let me tell you, this is one of the bestselling electric fireplace TV consoles right now. The brand itself comes with great value and reputation as well.

This amazing fireplace comes with a classy espresso finish and a laminated particleboard built-in giving your TV room a great interior. The stand supports 50-inches flat panel TV. It is going to support around 70 lbs. of weight easily.

The stand also includes five shelves, one in the top that is open and can easily hold your DVD player or cable box. The other four shelves are behind the glass door and you can use it to store stuff such as books and DVDs.

Now, for the fireplace set up there is an eighteen-inch height with easy insert plus system. This is an outlet of 120V which can easily warm a 400 square feet room.

In short, this living room compatible Fireplace with TV stand is a perfect budget killer that is easy to assembly, simply clean and reasonable for the high quality.


  • A beautiful looking espresso finish
  • The combo is great to save a lot of space
  • The maximum weight capacity is more than enough
  • Super simple to assemble by two people
  • The pricing is within anyone’s means


  • The manufacturer’s directions are not clear

Real Flame Fresno G1200-X-B Entertainment Unit in Black with Electric Fireplace – The Ultra-Bright LED Tech Equipped Piece!

The electric fireplace is a great choice for anyone looking for practical and reasonable options that ensure better workmanship and tough quality. In this one piece-design, you get a really classy looking furniture that fulfills the standard of a premium quality fireplace

Real Flame is known to be an excellent brand with a great reputation that offers one of the most valuable electric fireplaces. This particular one has won a lot of heart with straight forward usability and some really helpful features.

All the black lovers will favor this piece a lot since it comes with a really elegant looking shade that seems dark and dashing. It’s actually a wood made electric fireplace that ensures you are going to experience a long-lasting servicing with it.

This classy looking fireplace includes a firebox, remote control, and a wooden mantel. You can easily fit in any TV with fifty-inches height. The stand can easily manage around a hundred pounds of weight without falling apart.

There are around six shelves inside two cabinets that are on both sides of this amazing structure. You can store beautiful showpieces to glam up your living room interior. Also, these are really suitable to store DVDs or your favorite books as well.

The most outstanding factor about this fireplace is that it comes with five brightness settings included LED technology that ensures ultra-bright experience.

Overall, I’m pretty sure anybody would choose this masterpiece for their living space with a premium quality built-in and practical price range


  • Timed shut out option available.
  • It comes with dynamic ember effect.
  • The weight capacity is pretty flexible.
  • It comes with a beautiful finish and color.
  • The built-in quality is premium for the price.


  • I wish the shelves were a bit roomier

Southern Enterprises SEI Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace – The Brick Style Furniture with Reallistic Flames & Ashes!

If you want to shop for a simple looking electric fireplace that meets both looks and quality requirements, then this brick style fireplace can be an ideal choice. The lifelike flames and ashes will make you feel the warm vibes at home

Southern Enterprises has come up with a really affordable electric fireplace that gives user convertible features. With nice built-in quality, flexible usability and amazing space benefits, this fireplace is rocking every key expectation!

The electric fireplace can easily handle a room with 400 square feet area and you can control the temperature easily with the remote control. 

The multicolor flickering flames and glowing embers, coupling with the three dimensional faux logs, brings the feeling of real wood fireplace. The interior earth stone tiles also helps give the fireplace a more lifelike look. 

This is based on a corner design that helps you to save even better space and those who live in a small apartment will find it just right for their living room. You have the flexibility to place it at a corner or by a flat wall, depending on your overall design strategy. 

It comes with a convertible design and a 43.5-inches flat panel TV can nicely sit over the wide overall top surface. The built-in quality for this fireplace is pretty much sturdy to keep you going for several years.

Overall, I really loved this free-standing fireplace that comes with convenient plug-ins, super long cord, and effortless traditional vibe


  • The flames and ashes look pretty much real
  • It comes with 85 pounds weight capacity
  • The design is convertible and convenient
  • It saves a lot of space in any room
  • A great traditional brick style fireplace


  • Isn’t suitable for modern interior lovers

Ameriwood Lumina Fireplace TV Stand – A Spacious Piece of Furniture!

This amazing fireplace or TV stand can be a great pick if you are an owner of extra-wide TV and need more space for storage. With around 120lbs weight capacity, this is a huge beast to carry your precious belongings while looking great

Ameriwood Lumina is an excellent electric fireplace choice that comes with a sleek looking glass tempering with MDF design giving your living room an elegant feel.

The fireplace comes with a 23-inches wide fireplace insert. This brilliant design can easily hold a TV flat paneled TV with 70 inches wide. The strong built-in quality will not fall apart and hold your belongings in the safest way.

It comes with strong metal parts as well. This is to make sure the laminated particleboard design with the hollow core can stand up to the mark for being a sturdy piece of furniture at home.

The modern fireplace comes with adjustable flames that give you the flexibility to change the brightness according to your preference and mood.

This is the iPhone for fireplace. What Apple would come up with. Simple, Sleek & Clean design but amazing effects. You can enjoy a range of colors to view the flames. It literally turns the living room into something exceptional and mind-blowing for visitors


  • It comes with six open shelves.
  • The brightness is adjustable.
  • It is very spacious for a wide TV.
  • The weight capacity is very high.
  • Very beautiful looking with multiple colored flames


  • It is a bit hard to assemble

Southern Enterprises Tennyson Electric Fireplace with Bookcase – A Classic Espresso Finish WITH Soft Traditional Style

If you love multiple colored flames with a realistic feel and a spacious accommodation facility for your wide flat panel TV then this is a perfect choice for sure.

The final pick in this list is from again, Southern Enterprises and it comes with most features that majority would want to have as their perfect electric fireplace.

You can easily adjust multiple features with this brilliant electric fireplace, it supports modification for flames, logs, timer, and thermostat separately. You can have them with or without any kind of heating.

The flames are really lifelike and give you a warm vibe with dynamic ember effects. It covers the soft traditional brick style design that can bring back the age-old classiness back to your living room.

The electric fireplace can support around 85 pounds of weighing with a mantel benefit. It is really tough with wood built-in and the glasses are made perfectly to avoid being hot even with turned on the heat.

There are around six shelves on each side with around 15 pounds of weight capacity each. You can also use the
child safety lock for better safety


  • The design is really cool with downlight illumination
  • The LED bulbs are long-lasting.·       The heater is a self-regulating type.
  • There is a child safety lock option.
  • It can handle up to 68.25” flat-panel TV.


  • It is a bit hard to assemble

Choosing an Electric Fireplace Console Table

There are various options and types available for Electric fireplace Entertainment Centre. You need to be particular with what features and facilities you want to get within your choice. Are you more concerned about the looks? Or maybe you like something with enough space. You might also need a nice weight capacity.

These are some out of many questions you need to ask yourself. Here are some of the must-check factors while shopping for an electric fireplace console table.

Different Types of Firebox

So basically, any electric fireplace comprise with firebox that usually makes flames. These look and flicker quite differently. You may want a console that comes with dancing flames making lifelike vibes. Also, there may be firebox that produces flames that looks pretty much unnatural.

You need to consider your home, school dorm or office interior and choose a firebox based on your own preference. There are fireboxes that include regular logs, these are actually wood set. On the other hand, many contemporary home owners also prefer crystal pebbles for the fire bed.

Also, you may want to try a mire modernized firebox that can complement your TV stand better. Today, some fireplace seven offer fake bricks firebox that looks really aesthetic and elegant.

Shelves for Storage

You should find an electric fireplace TV stand that comes with a sufficient amount of storage facilities. There should be a suitable number of shelves available with it. If you own possessions such as cable box or DVD players then this is a must.

Traditional or modern, both styles should offer a well design storage facility within these stands. The convenient storage options should be a major thing to consider because some of us will want to display their pretty show pieces to glam up the interior even more.

So, check well if the storage system is sufficient to keep it functional for storing stuff and pleasing your deco taste as well.

Temperature Settings

Heat may not be the top priority for many, especially those with an existing central heating system. But they do help to give your environment an extra boost of heat when needed. It is therefore important that to also consider the heating facilities. Make sure the requirements are right to heat your area well.

There are a few options that can uniformly heat up a 400 square feet room. While some options will let you heat up a space using infrared technology, which can go up to 1000 square feet.

You need to make a prominent choice based on your personal preference and aesthetics.

With convection heating electric fireplace, you can expect a slow but long lasting heat. Aesthetics wise they look slightly better

Infrared heating gives you instant heat and further heat reach but cools down as soon as you turn it off. Aesthetically you will notice there are red openings in front of the fireplace that projects the infrared waves. Some may say it compromise the realism.

Both of them actually works pretty well. The choice here is the balance among realism, preferences and the type of room you are working with.  

Suitable Type

There are plenty of types and designs in a fireplace TV stand. You may want to pick a cantilever TV stand with fireplace. Or there are also corner electric ones that save space. Some even prefer hideaway electric fireplace stands.

There is a number of benefits with each of them. Same goes for the number of cons, each one of them has some sad parts too. So, make sure you can balance both out while choosing a particular type.

Weight Capacity

When you choose an electric fireplace TV stand, make sure you have a good look over the weight capacity. This is actually one if the most important thing to care about. You need to be specific about the size of TV you are going to place on it.

If you get something that is not capable to handle the load of the stuff you own, your money will literally get wasted. Don’t let that happen and be conscious about the weight capacity requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are self-clipping inserts for a fireplace?

The self-clipping feature in a television stand means the insert with trim for fireplace is available with it. So, you don’t have to spend anything extra to buy a separate one. This is really a practical addition that is going to keep your fireplace neat and tidy as well

What is an overheating protector in electric fireplace TV stands?

This is a really convenient addition within modern electric fireplace stands. It makes sure to shut down the unit if there is a situation of overheating the equipment. An overheated heater, in the best situation, it may produce burning odor. At worst, it may cause a fire emergency! 

This feature is a really helpful one since it can prevent a lot of unwanted accidents, especially if you have kids at the home. 

Are these electric fireplaces safe for kids & pets?

Well, I can’t say yes for every electric fireplace, there are some models that heat over time and this might be a risk for families with kids and pets. However, you can simply get an electric fireplace TV stand that comes with cool to touch features.

No matter what the running time is these models will always keep the surface cool and safe. 

Pets on the other hand, tend to love hoarding at the heater during cold season. it is essential to have some good protocol in place to prevent heaters from hurting your pet


That was all about the best electric fireplace TV stands and you can, without doubt, choose anyone from this list. All of them are capable to provide you efficiency and convenient with extremely beautiful designs to glow up your space even more brightly.

Be exact with what features you are particularly looking for. I’m sure with a little carefulness and through research, you’ll be able to find a budget-friendly, high quality, and beautiful electric fireplace TV stand. Good Luck!

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