PuraFlame Alice 48 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace Review

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Puraflame is a relatively new entrant to the electric fireplace industry since 2014, it has since built a name for itself in providing superior quality fireplaces. Though they remain quite mysterious as they don’t do too much PR work to publicize themselves.

One of its most popular products is the Alice Recessed Wall Mount series. So today we will take an in depth look at this unit to see what makes it unique and if it really live up to the hype.

Quick overview


  • 13 types of fuel bed colors with variety of flame settings
  • Sleek and solid appearance
  • Thermostat and timer setting via remote control
  • Quiet operation
  • Modern touch screen buttons on fireplace unit


  • Doesn’t provide adequate heat beyond 400 square feet
  • Price are on the higher side, although its well justified

Wide varieties of flame settings

Key features

Puraflame Alice flame effect animation

Wide varieties of flame settings

PuraFlame went above and beyond to beat the competition by offering a huge variety of options settings to complement the room atmosphere. The unit comes with a log set and crystal stones for you to customize the firebox display to fit the home design.

It also comes with 4 different flame settings in the mixture of yellow and blue to mimic the intensity of real fire. You can also adjust the brightness of the display panel depending on the natural brightness of your home so the flames are gorgeous and visible but at the same time its not too bright to hurt your eyes.

It took advantage of the LED color technology to create a colored fuel bed, you have 13 color choices of fuel bed at your disposal and changing it is as easy as a click of a button

Combine these functions together, it provides a great variety of look and feel of your fireplace and you are be sure to find one that perfectly fits your needs.

Temperature control

Most electric fireplaces in the market today provides a 2-heat setting (High and Low option). But you have little control over the exact temperature that you would like so you will turn-off the heater function once it has reached your desired temperature.

Unlike those in the market, this unit adds on a programmable thermostat setting which you can adjust from the remote control, it allows you to adjust the desired temperature at the range from 60 F to 84 F. The unit will maintain the programmed temperature in the room once it has reached the temperature that you set.

This gives you more control over the room temperature and helps you limit the energy bill because your fireplace will not chunk out more heat than you actually need.

Remote control

The simple remote control comes with mere 6 buttons and a LCD screen allows you to control every aspect of your fireplace. Each button are labelled with a self-explanatory icon to indicate its uses. This makes navigating the electric fireplace intuitive and almost dummy proof, which is good if you have elderlies at home. Though tech savvy users may find it a hassle to cycle over 13 options of fuel bed colors.

Sturdy build

You will notice that the unit is very well made with its solid and sturdy look. It uses high quality metal and tempered glass that should last a long time. The tempered glass it uses have great insulation thus it is cool to touch and allow them to build touch screen buttons at the bottom right of the unit that blends well with the overall look and feel of the electric fireplace without stealing the thunder from the LED fire screen.

What we love about this fireplace

Visual satisfaction

For us, the best thing about this unit is the huge variety of options that allow homeowners to customize the fuel bed, flame intensity and brightness according to season, occasion and the time of the day to match the overall mood we would like to create.

Let me give you an example, put the fire on yellow and pink fuel bed when you invite your friends over to celebrate your daughter’s birthday or make it the signature colour of your favorite soccer club the next time you invite your friends over to watch FIFA. With 13 choices of colors, 4 types of flames, log sets and crystals, the sky is the limit.

What’s more? You can even set cycle option so the fuel bed will cycle through all 13 colors in a loop so you will have a fresh surprise every time you turn your head look have a peek at the fireplace

Simple control

The remote control design is extremely simple but good enough that it is capable for you control all the settings without having too many buttons to confuse you. The LCD screen helps too to give you enough information to know the current setting of temperature and timer that you have set


This model boast the ultra-bright LED display panel. So you don’t have to worry about the visibility of the fires on the screen. The brightness can be adjusted at 4 levels which is simple and more than enough for most people. Simply lower the brightness by a notch or two at night at bring it up during a day. It is fully visible even during a bright summer day.

Whats bad about it?

No wall-mount option

This unit is solely designed to be recessed into the wall. There’s no option other than to dig a hole into the wall or build a dedicated frame to house the PuraFlame unit. 

highlight of Puraflame alice control flaw

Single button LED control

We might be nitpicking, but we honestly thinks that the flame control options could be designed better. Since it has 14 color choices. The 1-button flame control function means you have to rotate 13 times if you missed a color you like. Though its not a big deal once you get used to it

Note before you buy

Difference between reported size & actual size

Some sites online may state the option as 50 inches wide, however the model is really only 48 inches. When you cut the hole or building a frame for the unit. Make sure you make accurate measurements of you might find your wall has too much space to fit the electric fireplace


Overall, this electric fireplace is definitely a solid choice considering the quality you get. The design is sleek and it will fit very well in a contemporary room. For those that seek for an electric fireplace primarily for a pretty and realistic fire, this unit will do a good job considering varieties of option and setting that you can play around with. The price are definitely justified considering the amount of features and values it provides.

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