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Real Flame generally has a good reputation in producing some of the best electric fireplaces. But how does its product hold up when it comes to an electric fireplace and entertainment center combo? We are about to find out.

In depth review

Visual experience

Available in white or black, the Real Flame Fresno electric fireplace is a large mantel with extended cabinet at the sides. Designed to fit all your entertainment device and/or decorations.

Making this unit appears to be quite big, almost 72 inches wide, this makes the whole unit a great focal point in the living room.

Good workmanship can clearly be seen especially at the surface and sides of the unit, the trim details are beautifully made and well balanced.

The painted surface are well finished with black paint. Which will blend with the color of TV very well. If you have a white or light colored wall then the unit will stand out even more.

The electric fireplace insert fits perfectly into the inlet, slightly recessed into the pillars on both sides of the electric fireplace.

The fireplace is slightly less than 1/3 of the full length of the 71” furniture. A great ratio that does its job in creating a chic and cozy ambiance while also leaving enough room to carry the entertainment devices.

Most importantly, it is not too big to steal the thunder of the TV.

Flame effects of the electric fireplace are pretty solid, complete with  dynamic flickering flame that is hard to tell the pattern.

It looks realistic from a reasonable distance (like you would from viewing the TV). Though it is easier to tell that the flames wasn’t real when you are close to it.

This unit would be a good fit for a large living room, it is visually pleasing and the electric fireplace size has a good ratio to the whole unit.

For the overall visual enjoyment of this furniture + electric fireplace combo. We rate it a solid 9/10.

Build Quality Featured Image

Build quality

Now let’s talk about the quality. As mentioned earlier this furniture is slightly pricey, so naturally it has to come at a premium quality product.

The furniture body are mainly made up from solid wood and veneered MDF construction, they are durable wood which last a long time. The surface finishes are smooth and evenly colored.

Since the unit is large, the joints and pieces are delivered in separate boxes and requires some assembly from the users. 

Joint holes are pre-drilled and it comes with a simple instruction manual. 

Assembly time should take about 1 hour with a Philip head screwdriver, even faster if you own a screw driller.

All the necessary hardware required for assembly will be included in the parcel as well. 

Since the unit is made of high quality wood, it is incredibly heavy. 

We recommend that you have at least 2 person to help collecting the parcel when it was delivered.

In terms of quality, we think that it has delivered the value, though we are expecting even lesser work if the company is charging a premium price. We rate it a 7/10.

Practicality/Storage Capacity Featured Image


The practical use of this unit is incredible as it has a good ratio of fireplace and storage space. 

You get about 3 shelves from each side that are 17 x 14.5 each. 

Should be more than enough to fit media consoles like Playstation, XBOX pretty well. 

The top surface is designed to accommodate a 50 inch flat panel TV, leaving plenty of room by the side for you to have some decorations or a set of Hi-Fi speaker.

The sturdy top can withstand weights up to 100lbs, it can withstand more than a 50 inch TV.

A practical yet spacious design, we’d give it a 7/10. 

Heat or Temperature capacity

Heater function

The heater is a forced fan convection heater. It heats up surrounding air and release it through the vent.

Except for the heating vent that releases heat. The entire unit, including the fireplace display is cool to touch.

The heating vent is located at the lower end of electric fireplace. It draws about 1400 Watt and should provide enough heat for a medium sized room, up to 400 square feet.

The heater’s power can be adjusted with a thermostat. Once you have set it, you can leave it alone and let it does all the work.

As for the safety aspect, you can set the timer to automatically shut off from operation. From 30 minutes up to 9 hours, depend on how long you need the extra warmth.

The heater’s position at the bottom is just right to avoid warm surrounding floors.

It is also naturally positioned in front where the room will usually be occupied (the sofa).

In the heating category we’d give it an 8/10.

Ease of Control Featured Image

Ease of control

Along with the electric fireplace, a remote control is provided which allows you to adjust the brightness, timer, and temperature and of course the on/off button.

Controls are pretty intuitive and the signal is strong enough to detect the button presses at a distance.

On the controls you will find a LCD display that shows the default settings digitally.

The slight annoyance that we see for the control is that although they have an LCD, the controls are not back-lit.

Overall we think ease of control is 7/10.


All in all, the entertainment center is well constructed to great details, the designs are clean and simple yet very functional.

Electric fireplaces has good flame effects and moderate heat quality.

If you are a person that puts quality front and center over anything else, then you might find the Real Flame Fresno entertainment center a great choice.  

Overall Rating

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