Southern Enterprises SEI Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace Review

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Welcome to the SEI Cartwright convertible electric fireplace TV Stand review. Here we will dive in a little deeper to this unit to give you a comprehensive view on this unit, including the quality, features and the pros & cons.

Hopefully, you will enjoy the article and it helps you to understand if it is the best choice for you.

In-depth review

TV stand: Traditional and attractive design, with a smart little twist

First, If you are detailed person, the first thing that comes to mind when you read the product description would probably be: How does this unit be described as “convertible”?

Just to clarify, Southern Enterprise added a little “flipping board” behind the unit so you can position it at a corner.

Normally, you would lean the unit by a flat wall. Probably in front of a sofa while carrying a TV on top of it.

The added flipping board enables you “convert” it into a corner electric fireplace. You may fit the electric fireplace at the corner of the wall. 

The board that flipped to appear flat with the top mantel helps you to angle the unit perfectly against corner. It also covers the gap so it doesn’t look ugly.

Also, it added some extra space for light decorations on top of the electric fireplace like photo frames or small flower pots.

Now, let’s have a look at the design. 

The unit has a well detailed oak finish on the outer body. Closer to center is a rock-like semi ring, which was created to mimic the opening of a real wood fireplace, then of course the electric fireplace unit right in the middle.

The whole setup gives off a traditional look that reminds you of a vintage furniture.

The SEI Cartwright’s design is incredibly simple. Just a mantel top that can cater a flat screen TV, up to a weight of 85 pounds or 50 inch TV.

Best for modern household that doesn’t need extra storage space for additional consoles such as DVD player. Since most of us will either view Netflix directly through the Smart TV or using a chrome cast anyway.  

Overall, if you are a fan for vintage design, this may worth your consideration. 

Electric fireplace

Right at the center of the furniture house an electric fireplace. It can be plugged in to a standard 120V outlet. The size of the fireplace display is 23 inches wide, about half of the length of the whole unit.

The electric fireplace comes with a handy remote control that runs on 2 AAA battery.

The remote design is simple and intuitive. You can toggle the fireplace display and heater on/off. There is also a thermostat where you can adjust the temperature at 2F intervals from 68F – 82F.

As for the fireplace display, the logs looks realistic with flickering ember. The dancing flames was not as realistic when you are up close but it can be hard to tell when you are looking at it from a distance.

However it certainly does its job in changing the ambiance of the room to give it a cozy atmosphere.

The heater is located on top of the electric fireplace where the vent releases hot air to heat up the room. Capable to produces 5000 BTU per hour.

Don’t expect it to heat up a big open concept living room, but for a closed and well insulated room it could heat up to 400 square feet.

The unit is best used as a supplemental heat if you install it in an open concept room, or part of a comprehensive zone heating plan.

Southern Enteprise also promises to toast a room of about 1500 cubic feet (14 x 14 x 8) room in about 24 minutes. There is also a safety feature to shut-off the unit automatically when the unit gets overheated to prevent unwanted accidents.

Overall: the fireplace quality is quite good for the price, except for the flame effect which can appear to be a little bit artificial up close.


This is a decent traditional fireplace at a budget and has most of the features you would need for an electric fireplace.

The furniture section doesn’t feel cheap at all for its price and it provides good supplemental heat.

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