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The VonHaus Electric Stove Heater is a pretty beast that not only keeps you warm, but they are also attractive to watch. It adds homey feeling and a sense of style to the area.

The build of this unit is small and space saving, therefore it is most suitable for smaller rooms like bedroom and study room.


  • Low budget
  • Elegant and classic aesthetics
  • Good heating capability for small rooms


  • It has some ‘new heater’ smell as you first operates it
  • Lack of a remote control
  • Awkwardly positioned power on/off switch
  • Short electric cord

Key Features


The electric fireplace stove has an attractive design with a black finish that easily blends with the present home décor.

The workmanship is well done as VonHaus managed to build the retro looking fireplace to have a cast iron feel, with heat-resistant durable plastics.

This lowers the weight of the electric stove heater to just about 14 pounds, making it very easy to carry around from one place to another.

You can move the heater to different spots depending where you need it.

But be careful, since the legs are also made up of hard plastic, dropping the unit might break the legs.

The heater does requires a 5 minutes assembly job, it comes with 4 separate feet which you need to secure them to the bottom of the unit with Philips head screwdriver.

Three screws per leg to hold them in place. The feet splay slightly outwards to enhance the stability, making it harder to be toppled over.

As for the glass, they are made up with solid tempered glass so they are not easily breakable.

Overall, although they unit has quite a portion are made up of plastics. They don’t give off the plasticky  feel at all.

Though we would appreciate if the legs are made with solid wood or aluminum. We think that the unit worth a 7/10 in terms of build


The VonHaus unit runs a convection heater available with 2 heating element at 750W each.

You can choose to turn on only 1 element, both or neither if you just want to enjoy the fireplace display.  

It should provide well enough heat for a small 150 square feet room if you have a relatively new house which has moderate insulation. 

The heater is separate with the stove display, so you can operate the heater without the display and vice versa. Handy especially if you like total darkness when going to bed.

During operation, the unit is surprisingly quiet to almost silent even on high heat and blowers on.

Some younger adults or kids may hear a soft high pitch hum while it’s on operation. But it’s definitely less noisy than many space heaters in the market.

Some kids might even enjoy the sound while trying to fall asleep as it may serve as a while noise to calm you down.

If you can hear it and don’t like it, simply place it further from the bed to the corner of the room and you should be fine.

The heater is located at the bottom of the main body, almost as high as its legs. We think this design is excellent as we all know from our physics class that heat travels up naturally.

This will help you to be warmer at the feet if you have a marble floor as they are moderately heat conductible.

Just in case you are worried, no it does not go too low below the clearance requirement at the bottom, so you will be fine even if you place it on top of a carpet.

At the control panel, there’s a small knob where it is the thermostat, you can adjust the desired temperature according to your liking and the heater will maintain the room temperature accordingly.

A very handy feature if you don’t want to wake up sweating or freezing.

The fireplace definitely deliver above and beyond what it claims in terms of heat, so we rate it an 8/10.


In the visual department, the unit as a whole gave out a retro feel. It actually looks like a legit pellet stove if you don’t examine it closely, which most people don’t do all the time.

What we really liked was the realism of fire display. The flame look vividly realistic with the glowing fake fire logs and dancing flame. You can even open the fireplace door as well to maximize the visibility of the fireplace display.

The overall look and feel, considering the size, flames and workmanship. It’s quite hard to tell that this unit is actually an electric stove from far and can be quite convincing up close.

We rate the visual department at 8/10


Safety features of this unit are pretty standard. To prevent unwanted accidents. The electric stove fireplace is equipped with an auto thermal cut-off device in case you left the heater running for too long.

The position of heater are also strategically placed at the bottom. Except for the bottom, the whole unit is cool to touch.

One little tip if you plan to move the unit to another spot, logically one would carry the unit from the bottom, but the heater placed at the bottom can get very hot. So be sure to let the unit sit for a while until it’s not hot anymore moving attempting to carry it.

We think the safety features is satisfactory but not perfect. This unit missed out some extra safety feature like an automatic shut-off timer and anti-topple shut down function. So we rate the safety at 5.5/10

Ease of control

This unit does not come with a remote control. The control panel can be found at the little drawer on the unit that folds down. You will find 3 switches from the panel.

  • Thermostat knob: The thermostat knob allows you adjust the thermostat to your desired temperature, from 62F – 82F.
  • Blower on/off switch: This allows you to decide if you want to turn the blower on or off. Turning on the blower helps circulate the heated air around the room, even out the room temperature and prevent cold spots
  • Heating element on/off switch: There are 2 heating elements, each at 750W. Turning both on heat up the room faster. If the room is small, it would heat up as fast as 10 minutes. Though you it will draw more power where it will drive up the electricity cost. We recommend keeping it at 1 element during warmer days and turn on both heating elements on freezing nights.
  • Log & fire lighting on/off switch: This controls the display of the electric stove. You can keep it off if you decide to only use the heater and vice versa.
  • Light intensity knob: You can adjust the brightness of the stove display according to the surrounding brightness such as home lighting and natural sunlight to make sure it is visible

One little annoyance for this unit we felt was the position of the main on/off switch, which awkwardly located at the bottom heater, near the right leg of the unit. It could have been included in the main switch panel.

The control panel is pretty self-explanatory and easy to use. What could have been better is to have a remote control, and the position of the on-off switch. But what’s good was that there are not many electric fireplaces out there that lets you operate the heater without the fire display so that’s a plus point. 


We have mixed feelings when we selected this unit for a detailed review. On one hand, it does provide a lot of value considering the budget, and gets most of the essential functions right such as the aesthetics, quality and heat. On the other hand, it does have its own flaws which could have done better. But overall, we think the VonHaus electric stove heater fireplace offers one of the best value for small rooms if you are on a budget and are willing to overlook some of its flaws as they are not major.

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