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Whether you are moving into a new house or looking to pimping up your home, searching for suitable décor will always be the key set the tone. 

Wall mount electric fireplaces can be an excellent choice to make a bold statement for many situations. They are versatile in places you can install and provides extra warmth for your family or guest during colder days. 

These days, there are tons of choices in the market that offer potential to radically transform your home interior.

You may ask, why not a wood or gas fireplace?

This is a rather complicated question to answer. In short, wall mount electric fireplaces gives you flexibility in where you want to install and it is generally cheaper. Furthermore, electric fireplace is an eco-friendly choice that still does its job in creating a cozy environment.

With that out of the way, let us dive in to the main topic. We have compiled some of the best wall mount electric fireplaces in the market right now for various type of situations. Be sure to go through the buyer guide we have spent weeks putting together before making final decision!

Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces Review in 2020

The task of deciding on the best wall mount electric fireplaces for your home is not easy. Luckily, we have done most of the work for you.

Your choice needs to add more punch in your home as far as the beauty and warmth is a concern.

Best Overall: PuraFlame Alice

  • 13 color choices of fuel bed
  • Comes with wood and crystal logs
  • Quiet and operational heater
  • Easy to install

First up, the Puraflame Alice is sitting on the top spot for being one of the most value for money electric fireplace. You get the biggest bang for your buck for having a realistic electric fireplace 13 color choices of LED light fuel bed. With blue and yellow flames choices or in combination.

Quality & Aesthetics

The entire unit are made up of mostly glass which accentuate the visual effects when combined with the flame effects and fuel bed. You can switch and match the colors and flame effects according to your mood of the day. The blue flame in combination of blue fuel bed in particularly pretty!

The set comes with a set of hand painted loose logs and transparent crystal rocks. The logs for a traditional look and crystal looks for a more contemporary design. You can unleash your creativity to arrange them however you like.

At the right bottom of the electric fireplace you will find a stealthily placed control buttons. They were kept low profile to blend behind the visual flame effects.


The Puraflame Alice also comes with a remote control that allows you to set everything including:

  • On/off
  • Temperature – from 60 to 84 F
  • Fuel Bed Colors – 13 Fuel Bed colors
  • Flame Colors – Yelow, Blue and combination
  • Heater – 750W or 1500W
  • Timer – 30 minutes to 9 hours

That is basically everything you need. The only part that feels slightly annoying is the remote control. Where it must be pointed exactly at the fireplace to take effect.


The entire unit is almost made up of glass which is not very good at conducting heat. This makes the surface cool to touch. The heater’s air inlets are on the top left and right, the hot air blows from the middle air vent. These strategic positions make it unlikely to cause any accidents. An extremely good news for owners with toddlers or pets at home.

The heat output is rated at 5200BTU which provides heat up to about 400 square feet. The temperature, timer, and heater out put is adjustable with the remote control.

The overall operation is quiet with adequate heat output. But definitely can’t be expected as a primary heat source. However, if you are looking for some supplemental heat, it does its job well.

One of the best value for money electric fireplace offering a good combination of realistic flames and options, quality and functions. At this price point, it is definitely worth the purchase. This would be a good unit to consider if you are thinking to upgrade your Airbnb unit, office or even your bedroom.


  • 13 colour choices of fuel bed with very bright and realistic flame effect
  • Comes with wood and crystal logs that works for traditional or contemporary design
  • Easy to install, either wall mount or recessed
  • Has thermostat for consistent temperature output
  • Modern touch screen button for on fireplace unit


  • Some people may find it annoying to constantly switch and cycle between fuel bed colours

  • Remote control has to point directly at the unit to operate

Best Runner Up: Regal Denali Flame 60

  • Safe and efficient to use
  • Modern outlook
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Has three heat settings

It is only fair to ask if you could get a self-warming wall mount electric fireplace for your family.

That’s not all.

The wall mounts electric fireplace has three heat settings that are high, low, and no heat. The user has the opportunity to adjust the heat level according to their preferences.

Besides, the wall mounts electric fireplace is 60-inch wide and weighs about 54 pounds making it easy to install.Above all, the Regal Flame Denali produces three colorful realistic accent flames which are set on top of pile of faux gas logs.

Bottom line, the wall mount regal flame fireplace excels not only on warmth production but also in accentuating your house’s atmosphere.


  • Safe and efficient to use
  • Modern outlook
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Has three heat settings


  • White glass are prone to scratches
  • Expensive

Best Budget Choice: Clevr

  • Programmable Timer
  • Quiet Heater
  • Adjustable back-light
  • Dual-heat Settings
  • Overheat Protection

Another elegant and modern wall mount electric fireplace with low energy consumption happens to be our best-budgeted appliance in the market.

The wall mount fireplace can be installed anywhere in the home or office since it does not emit harmful particles and also cause no pollution.

The wall mount appliance apply the modern 3D flame technology and crystal like pebbles that produce real realistic accent of fire.

Clevr electric fireplace has back-light and flame that can be adjusted into different colors.

The Clevr electric fireplace comes with a remote control making it easy to turn off or on while at the comfort of your sofa.

Lastly, the wall mount electric fireplace can be installed in the living room, family room, and bedroom or also in the offices.

The best budgeted wall mount electric fireplace has low energy consumption hence help to cut the cost of heating bills in your house or office. Installation of the wall mount fireplace is also simple and easy.


  • Programmable Timer
  • Quiet Heater
  • Adjustable back-light
  • Dual-heat Settings
  • Overheat Protection


  • Bright back-light may overwhelm lighter colours of fireplace

Most Realistic: Dimplex BLF50 Synergy

  • Realistic Flame
  • Quite Heater
  • High Quality Material

An excellent wall mount electric fireplace for those people who love a contemporary look. It has a wide viewing area of about 50-inch that can be fitted on any fireplace space.

The final black touch and beautiful glass ember bed make the fireplace a must-have for many. Perfect for homeowners who love the luxurious appeal.

Like any other wall mount electric fireplaces in our list, this is easy to install and operate. And it also provides the most realistic flame effect accent in the room.

Weight at 78 pounds for a 50-inch fireplace. The portability feature makes it easy to relocate from one point to another, and the flame can operate with or without heat in accordance with the user’s preference.

Dimple BLF50 Synergy is highly portable meaning installation and relocation is easy. Also, termed as the most realistic flame effect accent producers in a room.


  • Realistic Flame
  • Quite Heater
  • High Quality Material


  • Manual Unclear
  • No Thermostat
  • Expensive

Best Outdoor: Touchstone 80017

  • High Quality & Durable
  • Simple to install
  • Designed for outdoor application
  • Comes with faux logs & crystal set

This is the only electric fireplace rated for outdoor use in the market right now. Although it does not come with a heating option, it does really well in the visual department.

The Touchstone 80017 manage to create a realistic and convincing flame effects with its superior quality LED panel.

You will notice Touchstone has really considered every detail in making this unit look great out door. They don’t just thicken the cords, make it waterproof and slap a GFI plug onto it. If you observe carefully, you will notice that the display panel is slanted.


It was to prevent sunlight reflection, which compromise the visibility of the flame effects. How thoughtful!

The unit comes with orange, blue and blue orange flame colors just in case you get bored with one color. The 5-level brightness options also lets you crank it up by day and turn it down at night. Ensuring that you can have a visible fireplace during the day but not hurt your eyes at night.

Furthermore, you also get a set of classic faux logs and contemporary crystal pebbles in the package. You are free to use either one or a combination of both. 

They are not only great for poolside and backyard. The ruggedized design makes it a good option if you are looking for a high quality decorative wall mount electric fireplace

The elegance and functionality brought about by this outdoor wall mount electric fireplace is impeccable. It is an ideal appliance for safe outdoor use.


  • High Quality & Durable
  • Simple to install
  • Designed for outdoor application
  • Comes with faux logs & crystal set

Best Small Electric Fireplace: Puraflame Galena Black

  • Elegant Style
  • Fit in tight spaces
  • Quiet Heater

If you want a small wall mount electric fireplace that can offer warmth both at home and office then it is Pura Flame Galena Black electric fireplace.

The device can be installed in the office conference room or anywhere else in the office. It can make your office elegant and high-end by showing the epic business atmosphere.

Also, you can install the appliance in the house to enjoy the flame and warmth. The wall mount has a capability of heating a room of about 400 square feet.

One of the smallest electric fireplace in the market that manages to produce heat output comparable with regular sized electric fireplace. Still, it is able to excel in the visual department and transform the interior atmosphere.

PuraFlame Galena wall mount electric fireplace has two in one benefit to the user. Also, the small size feature enable it to fit in tight spaces.


  • Elegant Style
  • Fit in tight spaces
  • Quiet Heater

Best Vertical Electric Fireplace: Napoleon NEFV38H

#This is a two in one design electric fireplace that will give you both quality and value with some of the most flexible features. With pre-drilled holes, effective price and super spacious outlook anybody would fall in love with the unit.

The Napoleon Azure vertical wall mount electric fireplace will never disappoint when it comes to showcasing the personal style.

Besides that, the wall mount electric fireplace is ideal for either small or large area. The user can adjust not only the colors for the crystalline ember bed but also back lit night light.

Installation of the controlled heater is simple since you only need to hang, plug and go or you ca opt for a recessed installation for a sleeker to get a low-profile appearance. It protrudes 6 inches when you choose the wall hanging option. Otherwise, the more built-in recessed installation would bring it down to only 2.5 inches.

So, you only need to sit back, relax, remote in hand and enjoy the memories of the newly acquired Napoleon vertical wall mount electric fireplace at the comfort of your sofa.

The elegant Napoleon vertical wall mount electric fireplace offers a high-end atmosphere in your house. Also, the control heater is essentially suitable for any room.  


  • Suitable for tight spaces


  • Might not be everyone’s favorite design

Best For Large Homes: Dimplex IgniteXL 74

  • Warms up room quickly (Heat Boost Feature)
  • Easy to operate & control
  • Simple to install

Another remarkable wall mount fireplace that comes in a multiple of color themes to help in achieving the impressive complexion of the room.

Changing the theme colors is quite simple since you can easily use the prism mode to cycle over various colors of your choice.

The heat boost button adds the function help to warm the room faster over a predetermined period. It is a perfect heat appliance for large homes, especially during winter seasons.

The presence of remote control gives you a total relaxation and comfort on the sofa while controlling the amount of heat in the room.

Dimplex IgniteXL 74 wall mount electric fireplace is ideal for large homes since it has the ability to warm the room faster than other electric fireplaces.


  • Warms up room quickly (Heat Boost Feature)
  • Easy to operate & control
  • Simple to install


  • Manual may be hard to folow
  • Need 2 person for assembly

Most Popular: Touchstone 80001

  • Warms up room quickly (Heat Boost Feature)
  • Easy to operate & control
  • Simple to install

The 50-inch wide wall mount electric fireplace produce epic fire flames that are set in a pile of faux logs or a crystal hearth.

The elegance and sophistication that comes with this popular wall mount make it to showcase a stunning statement in the family room, bedroom or any other place in your home.

The wall mount has ability to heat a room up to 400 square feet and the two heat settings (high and low) help to control the amount of warmth in the room.

But that’s not all,

The device has a dual mode feature that gives it ability to serve at any period of the year. It can operate with or without heat. The programmable timer can be auto-shut for thirty minutes to seven hours.

Installation of the fireplace is hassle free and it can be installed by one person since it tend to weigh about 54 pounds.

So, it is time to save the natural gas and heating costs by installing this popular LED technology since it require less energy to heat a room.

Touchstone is a reputable company that produces high quality fireplaces. The entry version 80001 has a durable design marked by contemporary modifications making it be regarded as the most popular wall mount electric fireplace in the market.


  • Durable & solid construction
  • Realistic Flame
  • Good value for the price


  • Occasionally defective (but customer support is responsive)

Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Buying Guide

Investing in an electric fireplace certainly has many benefits. When choosing one for yourself, its best to keep in mind on what problem you want to solve. Below are the full list of qualities in a unit you should look for when choosing a wall mount electric fireplace.

Realistic Flames

We all had that experience of telling something is fake right away, and most of the time it is not a good experience. If you are considering an electric fireplace instead of an electric heater, you are probably after the aesthetics that electric fireplace brings.  

While realism may not be the top priority for most people, it can be a deal breaker for many. 

It should look good enough for your own standard. Luckily, it’s not that hard. Manufacturers nowadays employ various technologies to push the boundaries of realism and art.

From holography to mist tech, each will create a unique visual experience. There are even fireplaces that are equipped with speaker to produce fire-crackling sound, recreating the wood fireplace experience.

Thoroughly understand the atmosphere you want to create and find your best fit. 


43% of home fire accidents in the US are due to electrical space heaters. Making it the 2nd leading cause of home fires in the US. 

Like purchasing any electrical appliances with heating feature, safety is the utmost priority  when considering to purchase an electric fireplace. Make sure the options you selected are UL/UR or CSA accredited to be rated safe.

One good example is the  auto shut-off timer. We human are bound to be forgetful sometimes and forgetting to shut off an operating electric fireplace can spell disaster. Other safety measure examples are anti-toppling and circuit protection.
It doesn’t mean your electric fireplace should have all safety features available. It is also important to consider factors such as kids, pets, elderly, or schedules.

Build quality

Electric fireplace is an investment that should last a long time. Even more so if your unit is recessed or built in, as it may not be easily taken down. The best wall mounted electric fireplace uses solid materials and durable glass, with little screws to hold everything together, giving it a perfect finish.

In this regard, warranty period is generally a good gauge of quality. Most brands offers warranty for 1 – 3 years. Never buy an electric fireplace that does not come with a warranty period.  


Depending on the quality you seek for, the price may have quite some difference. However, if you purchase it online it should be considerably cheaper than retail store.

Generally, you can acquire a decent quality wall mount unit from $300 – $900, which is still significantly cheaper than installing a gas or wood fireplace. Be sure that you are getting what you paid for. Units that are more expensive should be justified by better quality, realistic flames, and additional features such as thermostat and shut-off timer

You might also want to factor in the cost of installation and additional accessories. If you decided to go for an insert/flush mount unit. You may need to hire professional to help you with the installation



Heat Performance

Most wall mount electric fireplaces in the market are limited to the 120v socket, most fireplaces will offer about 4500 – 5200 BTU of heat which translates to about 400 square feet. Some infrared fireplace option offer up to 1000 square feet. This should satisfy most rooms. Some manufacturers do offer electric fireplaces that produces up to 10,000 BTU or 1000 square feet, though they usually need to be hard wired.

Energy efficiency

Here is a tough fact to swallow; size does not affect the heating ability of an electric fireplace. Why? Because modern electric heater can work in a much smaller size and they are limited to adhere the safety electricity output.

Instead, read the rating of the electric fireplace of your choice. Make sure the rating suits the size of your room. The closer the capacity to the size of your room, the more efficient the heater will be.

Another tip is to look for Energy Seal stars to show more energy efficient models. That would save you more money in energy cost over time


There’s really no good or bad position. The law of physic dictates that heat flow upwards naturally. Ideally, the heat should start at knee level. This helps to minimize cold spots and ensure the heating vent is within the clearance requirements.

For example, if you are mounting it below a TV, the hot air should release from the front or the side of electric fireplace. Otherwise, you keep enough clearance to avoid interrupting airflow.

On the other hand, if you are installing it at eye level, you might want the heating vent at the bottom of the fireplace. This allows heat travel upwards, producing even heating

Ease of Control

You don’t want to be busy figuring out the buttons of the remote control or go through the frustration of the fireplace not responding to your button presses.

A good remote control should have a good range and self-explanatory that are intuitively simple to use. Some remotes has LCD screen where you can have all the settings at a glance

Why Choose Wall Mount Electric Fireplace?

Easy to install

Installing a wall mount electric fireplace is very easy. Most electric fireplaces come with all the “spare parts” required for you to install it on a wall. You need no more than a power drill, Philip screwdriver and a level ruler for the job. The installation process should take you slightly lesser than 20 minutes.

If you would like to flush mount the electric fireplace, then you might need an extra stud finder and a saw. The process will take slightly longer but the result will definitely be worth it.

Space Saving

The biggest attraction of wall mounted electric fireplaces is that they are flat panel. Hanging type electric fireplace will protrude about 5-7 inches from the wall.

If you decided to flush mount it, then it technically does not take up any extra space in your room at all

Looks built-in

They are an amazing way to transform the atmosphere and adds a beautiful focal point to your room. A wall mount electric fireplaces blends easily with the room surrounding. 

Ample options

Manufacturers produces a wide selection of options that offer difference sizes. Ranges from 30 inches to 120 inches. 

You will also find that most major brands with patented technology produces wall-mounted version of their fireplace. Its hard for you to run out of options.

Safe option

Aside from the obvious reasons such as green burning and no toxic fumes. This type of fireplace is the least intrusive to the room and has little chance for someone to accidentally knock over it. If you have toddlers or pets around, install the fireplace around eye level to avoid them from accidentally hurting themselves

How Affordable Are Wall Mount Electric Fireplace?

Product Price

As mentioned earlier, depending on the quality and reputation of the brand, they can range up from $300 to $900. Of course, the quality gets better as the price tag go steeper, though we still recommend you to stick with the budget you allocated and select the best possible unit.

Keep in mind that you should include the cost of installation. You may need an electrician if you don’t have the required skill such as hard wiring, pulling wires and digging up the hole for your new fireplace.

Running cost

If what you are after is the ambiance that the electric fireplace provides, you can expect the new unit to increase your energy bill by about $2 annually.

Though if you are planning to use the heater, you can expect it to cost you about 12 to 17 cents per hour to run, depending on your local energy rate.

If you have a small family and uses no more than 2 rooms at a time. You can take advantage of the concept of zone heating. By using it as a supplemental heat source, you can turn down your home’s thermostat so that it doesn’t heat up unoccupied space.

Every degree of home thermostat you turned down by 8 hours will net you about $12 in energy bill savings per year. So let’s say you can drop the thermostat by 10 degrees for 8 hours per day. You would have net-off the cost of running 2 supplemental heaters for 8 hours.

Electric fireplace are no more than electric heater with added visual pleasure. For more in-depth calculation on running cost, you may refer to our guide here.

3 Most Popular Places to Install a Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Wall mounted electric fireplace is a versatile piece of furniture/heater that can fit into any room and transform its atmosphere. The sky is the limit when it comes to places of installation, though you may want to adhere to the safety guide of wall mounted electric fireplace.

Large Empty Wall

If you have a big piece of empty wall. An electric fireplace can add elegance and style to create a cozy & homey atmosphere.

Under a TV

Another very popular choice since it makes a lot of sense, sofa usually positioned facing the TV in the living room which is usually where people gather. Installing it under a TV will attract the most ‘screen time’ and is near enough to capture the warmth

Eye level

This might be the best option if you have small children or pets at home. It limit the chances where they may knock on the electric fireplace or hurting themselves by the vent. Some examples include: The wall by the dining table,  

Where You Should Not Install an Electric Fireplace

Outdoor, unless its rated safe for outdoor

If you have an open cover area, you should be able to safely install an electric fireplace provided that the heater is rated safe for outdoor use. Many electric fireplaces are only intended for indoor use, an indoor rated unit cannot withstand the outdoor weather such as rain and sunlight.


Anywhere with traces of water in general is not safe. However should you install the unit on the bathroom wall, you need to make sure the bathroom is completely dry. What do I mean by completely dry? It means the water vapor generated at the shower are sealed at the shower cabin.

Can a Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Be Built-in?

The best way to make your fireplace look built in is to flush mount it into the wall. If you have a dry wall, the process often involves cutting open a  hole on dry wall and fit it in.

However, this often involves many complications such as the dry wall may not be deep enough for your selected unit.

The solution?

Many people turn to building an external frame, a stylish second wall that protrudes from the main wall that holds the fireplace in place

Building a frame for wall mount fireplace insert

The most common frames are built with solid wood. If you want to keep things simple, select pre-painted high quality wood while building the frame. Leave an opening that are big enough for your wall mounted electric fireplace and you will be good to go.

Some people that likes a more traditional look would opt to create a stone wall, for that you need to make secure the wooden frame by the stud and make sure it is very steady, then tile up the stones around the wooden frame to complete the stone wall.

The tiles will need to have a heavy mortar. This prevents the tiles from falling off the front of the fireplace. During the construction, make sure you plan out where the wires should go so you can properly conceal the wires attached to the power socket. Leave it on for 24 hours to dry and you can proceed to insert the electric fireplace.

If you have the budget and might not be confident in building a frame yourself. There are pre-made surrounds available online or your local hardware store. Though most surrounds still require minimal level of assembly. The nice thing about pre-made surround is that they will always look awesome. Most comes with a kit that has everything you need to assemble the surround together.

How To Install A Wall Mount Electric Fireplace?

Hang it Like a TV

Hanging the wall mount electric fireplace should be a simple process. If you ever tried to wall mount your TV. Wall mounting an electric fireplace should be a breeze for you.

It is possible to complete the installation by yourself within 15 minutes. It only has simple 3 steps to follow:

  1. Measure the exact length and height you wish to install, make sure they are level
  2. Find the studs and install the bracket on the wall. If the studs are too far away, secure the one bracket to the stud and use a war dog to secure the bracket for the other end
  3. Hang up the electric fireplace, plug in the power cord, turn on and enjoy!

Flush mounting

if you plan to flush mount the electric fireplace, then it has slightly longer procedures, as below:

  1. Measure the exact length and height you wish to install, make sure they are level
  2. Use a table saw to cut the measured dry wall and the studs so it can fit your electric fireplace.
  3. Use vacuum to clean up the scrapes and dust.
  4. Insert the firebox into the unit, make sure it is centered and secure them.
  5. Finally, put on the glass display and frame.

How Much Does it Cost To Install A Wall Mount Electric Fireplace?

Wall mounted electric fireplaces have 2 major types. The wall hanging version where you install hanging bracket and hang it on the wall, and the recessed version where you install the electric fireplace into the wall so it looks built-in. Read here for more in-depth explanation of different types of electric fireplace

Most fireplaces cost about the same for similar quality, though the cost of installation can be quite different. The former usually only require minimal installation cost even for professional, if you can follow instructions well you can even do it yourself. The latter way of installation might need a little bit more specialized skill that you would be better off hiring someone to install it professionally.

Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Clearance

You may ask, what is clearance? Well it simply means the minimum space around your fireplace to be ‘clear’ of anything combustible items such as carpet, curtains, pillows, other electric appliances.

Clearance is important because it keeps you safe. Most wall mounted electric fireplace are fan forced heater. So they take in air from vents attached to the unit, convert them into hot air and blow them out through the other vents, we call it heating vent.

Now imagine if either of the vent are clogged? You not only risk damaging the electric fireplace, but also increase the risk of a fire accident if the heating vent lit up some items like a curtain or soft toy.

If you don’t install your unit according to the recommended clearance by the manufacturer, you probably will have a hard time to claim for warranty as well as they put the blame on you for not following the manufacturer’s instruction.

Depending on different manufacturers and the default design, there might be slight difference in the required clearance.

Generally, you should have nothing within 3 feet directly in front of the fireplace, 1.5 feet from the heating vent of electric fireplace, and at least 3 inches away from anything combustible for the other side.   

How To Choose The Right Size Of Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

As mentioned earlier, size of electric fireplace doesn’t make a difference in terms of heat ouput. What important is the BTU rating that the electric fireplace has. A 50 inch wall mount unit will have the same heat output with a 100 inch unit if they are rated the same.

Factors such as insulation, sunlight, and ceiling height affects the heating performance. So if you have a huge living room area, you might want consider your fireplace heater as supplemental heat.

Units that are capable of heating an average 800 – 1000 square feet area requires more powerful heater, they are available in the market though they are 240v, double the standard power sockets most home utilize. Hence, these fireplaces usually require hard wiring.

So then, does size really matter? The answer is yes because you want the electric fireplace to blend and compliment the room environment.

If you have a big piece of wall and a big room then you would bet a larger sized unit would blend better with the furniture, and it creates a big enough focal point. If you have tight spaces to fill, you can opt for a smaller sized wall mount electric fireplace as they are enough to create an attractive focal point for the room. If you plan to install the electric fireplace below a TV, then you might want to choose a size that are closest to your TV measurement.

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